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  • Economics and business of the post COVID -19 world : research monograph
    This research monograph consists of 31 papers related to the economy and business of the post-COVID-19 dynamics. The chapters of the research monograph deal with the relationship between the rapid ... changes in the social, economic and business context and new technologies, legal dilemmas, the state of affairs in certain sectors, the impact on tourism, financial and tax issues, and innovations in marketing. As our authors outline, the Covid-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on economies worldwide. To prevent the spread of the virus, governments have often been forced to take action and implement certain restrictive measures. The extent of the measures taken varies from country to country and between economic sectors in terms of the possibility of the virus spreading. On the other hand, modern information technology has brought changes to all areas of life and work. The degree of “digitalization of everything” is so great that some authors have called this process the “digital revolution” and the modern economy the “digital economy.” Over time, this process is accelerating, and the changes are beginning to affect all areas of economic and social life. These changes are becoming increasingly complex, interacting and accelerating, and taking on a global character that raises new challenges, problems and issues that need to be addressed. However, due to the complexity of the globalization process, the development of technology, information systems and communications, and the related changes in all areas of economic and social life, it is currently difficult to accurately predict the future forms and content of economic activities. Therefore, the contributions in this monograph attempt to provide a transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective on the outcomes and future prospects of the changes triggered by the pandemic shock. We recognize that 2022 will be challenging because of the many uncertainties arising from the lingering effects of the pandemic, as well as the risks posed by the impact of unprecedented fiscal and monetary measures and instruments to prevent the negative consequences of the crisis. However, we are confident that both scientists and practitioners have solutions to meet the future challenges, as we did with the pandemics COVID-19. We therefore hope you enjoy reading the contributions of our authors and that you will attend the next conference in June 2022.
    Vrsta građe - naučna monografija ; odrasli, ozbiljna (nije lijepa knjiž.)
    Izdavanje i proizvodnja - [Rijeka : University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics and Business, 2023]
    Jezik - engleski
    ISBN - 978-953-7813-75-8
    COBISS.BH-ID - 158737923

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