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  • The Importance of the Mevlevi Order in the development of Islamic culture and literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Dizdarević, Sedad
    The spreading of Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina is closely related to Diwan literature and Islamic culture in the country. On the other hand, to be able to fully understand the process of spreading ... Islamic culture in B&H, it is necessary to understand the development of Diwan literature and the factors that gave rise to it in B&H. According to numerous classical hagiographic and anthological works, it can be stated that members of the Mevlevi Order made more than half of all distinguished writers, intellectuals, artists and nobility in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the whole of Ottoman Empire. Their direct influence on the Ottoman court and a majority of Ottoman sultans, and their connection to ordinary people, especially up to the 16th century, represents a key factor that enabled faster permeation of Islamic culture, and with it Diwan literature in B&H. The Mevlevi impact on Diwan literature and Islamic culture in B&H was not solely limited to members of the Mevlevi Order, but also encompassed everybody who favored beautiful words, art, science, and spirituality.
    Vrsta građe - članak, sastavni dio ; odrasli, ozbiljna (nije lijepa knjiž.)
    Godina - 2013
    Jezik - engleski
    COBISS.BH-ID - 21425926