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  • Bosanski sandžakbeg Ulama i njegov vakuf u Skadru na Bojani
    Zahirović, Nedim
    Ulama Beg's administration of the Bosnian Sancak (1541-1547 / 48) is isolated in terms of two characteristics. First, Ulama Beg is one of the few Bosnian sancakbegis from the 16th century who did not ... establish any waqf in Bosnia and secondly, Ulama Beg for most of his tenure in Bosnia resided in Tešanj and not in Sarajevo. Nonetheless, based on the data one might come to the conclusion that Ulama and his sons had a serious intention to settle permanently in Bosnia. In the end, they left Bosnia though. On the basis of the finding of Ulama Beg's waqf in Scutari as well as on the grounds that the Ulama Beg's son Skender Beg owned property near Tikveš and Kavadarci. The author posits a thesis that Ulama Beg's family went from Bosnia to the area of present-day Macedonia.
    Vrsta građe - članak, sastavni dio ; odrasli, ozbiljna (nije lijepa knjiž.)
    Godina - 2015
    Jezik - bosanski
    COBISS.BH-ID - 22772998