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  • Međunarodne koordinacijske jedinice za provođenje zakona kao institute regionalne policijske saradnje u Jugoistočnoj Evropi : završni rad 2. ciklusa
    Gedžić, Darko
    Organized crime includes types of large-scale trafficking: drug trafficking, human beings, weapons, cirrhagas, all kinds of smuggling, illegal migration, stolen vehicles, etc. International police ... cooperation takes place through international police organizations where international relations are defined through international agreements. States are responsible for the work and participation of their police authorities in international police relations. International police relations have autonomy in relation to diplomatic relations and are established by police agencies and their managers. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the former eastern bloc, the countries of Southeast Europe have found themselves in a position of transition of the socio-economic and security system, caused by changes in the system of government, as well as the break-up of individual states and the creation of new ones. In this situation, an idea was introduced about the need to promote regional cooperation in all areas, with the aim of democratizing the process in each country. The European Police was founded on the initiative of Germany, conceived as a separate organization outside the Interpol structure and for the needs of the European Union. "The emergence of Europol is a step towards further integration of the EU through police cooperation, the preservation of international public order and the fight against crime. Europol should also serve as a model for the establishment and operation of the ILECUs project. Namely, Europol acts as a leading donor advisor and should actively contribute to the development of an action plan for the ILECUs project. Europol will provide ad hoc technical and strategic opinions, advice and recommendations on regulations as well as operational procedures.
    Vrsta građe - magistarski rad ; odrasli, ozbiljna (nije lijepa knjiž.)
    Izdavanje i proizvodnja - Sarajevo : [D. Gedžić], 2020
    Jezik - hrvatski
    COBISS.BH-ID - 40982278

Biblioteka/institucija Mjesto Akronim Za pozajmicu Drugi fondovi kriminal.,kriminol.i sigurn.studije, Sarajevo Sarajevo, F FKNSA u čitaonicu 1 prim.
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