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  • Osmanlı İlmiyesi
    İpşirli, Mehmed
    The author reveals the role and function of the scholarly ulema, who took responsibility for education, law, fatwa, religion, and bureaucracy in the Ottoman world, or who devoted himself to community ... service without taking an official role. This book, which offers an in-depth look at Ottoman ilmiye, consists of two parts. The first part about the Ottoman ulema deals with the structure and functioning of the main institutions such as the sheikh al-Islam, the kazasker, the Istanbul kadi, in which the members of the ilmiye have authority and responsibility. Afterwards, the position, function and scientific life of the ulama in the periods of each of the sultans in the classical age of the Ottoman Empire are discussed, as well as discussing two important sultans of the reform and reform era, III. Selim and II. The roles of the ulama during the reign of Mahmud are examined. In the second part, which starts with a general evaluation on the Ottoman madrasa, there are articles on madrasah, Enderun, peace lessons and scientific environments, and an analysis of today's ilmiye studies is made
    Vrsta građe - knjiga ; odrasli, ozbiljna (nije lijepa knjiž.)
    Izdanje - 1. baskı.
    Izdavanje i proizvodnja - İstanbul : Kronik Kitap, 2021
    Jezik - turski
    ISBN - 978-605-7635-88-4
    COBISS.BH-ID - 54978310

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