Gradska biblioteka Visoko - sva odjeljenja (GBVI)
  • Rezultati zaštitnih arheoloških istraživanja oko lokaliteta nacionalnog spomenika Arheološko područje Mili - Krunidbena i grobna crkva bosanskih kraljeva, Arnautovići, općina Visoko
    Kaljanac, Adnan ; Hadžihasanović, Jesenko
    During July 2018, near the site of the registered national monument, the archaeological site of Mile - the coronation and sepulchral church of Bosnian kings, Arnautovići, The City of Visoko, rescue ... research was conducted to determine the archaeological potential of the affected area. On this occasion, the planned rescue research included the area of the future road alignment stretching over a surface of about 1200m2. The research was carried out by the consortium comprised of the Regional museum in Visoko, the Institute of Archeology of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Sarajevo and a private company called GeoAVAS d.o.o. The rescue research was conducted using a number of different methods of excavation that combined machine-dug test trenches and hand-dug test pits when it was deemed necessary. Four archaeological trenches (approx. 613 m2 of the combined surface) were opened, which contained numerous archaeological features, including 5 graves, 2 prehistoric fire pits and numerous smaller archaeological features. Detailed excavation of the trenches and features revealed 5268 archaeological finds, which can be dated to the Late Neolithic, Late Antique and Medieval periods. From one of the graves (Grob 1), a tooth sample was dated to 1316-1437 AD (95,4 %). The results of the rescue excavation and analysis of finds and features made it possible to more precisely determine the potential of the site of Mili in Arnautovići. The site consists of several zones with multi-layered archaeological stratigraphy, and encompasses an area of the medieval church and its surroundings on an elevated plateau containing material from the Neolithic and Medieval period, as well as traces from the ancient Roman period. The Neolithic material, in a typological sense, has similarities with the material found on the site of Donje Moštre. With the aim of more detailed determination of the distribution and representation of chronologically and typologically heterogeneous archaeological material, it is necessary to conduct trial research on the whole area of the site Arnautovići, which would provide a better understanding of all periods, their duration, continuity and discontinuity.
    Izvor: Radovi Zavičajnog muzeja - Visoko. - ISSN 2712-1879 (God. 1, knj. 1, 2020, str. 130-184)
    Vrsta građe - članak, sastavni dio
    Godina - 2020
    Jezik - bosanski
    COBISS.BH-ID - 42590470

izvor: Radovi Zavičajnog muzeja - Visoko. - ISSN 2712-1879 (God. 1, knj. 1, 2020, str. 130-184)

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