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  • Analzsis of several morphological, basic and motile dimensions at free-style wrestlers, between initial and final measurement
    Ahmeti, Vullent ; Salihu, Hazir ; Dehari, Ibrahim
    In the process of analysis of all specific tests referring to wrestlers, the following can be drawn: in the category of 60, 66 and 74 kg appear to be superior. The tested wrestlers show significant ... difference in weight categories in the variables of sport results. The best results were acquired by the wrestlers in the following categories: 55, 60 and 74 kg. If we analyse morphological characteristics of the tested wrestlers, it is clear that longerarms and larger body circumference (only muscles tissue), give a successful contribution in performing the mentioned tests. It is necessary to point out that the wrestlers with low body weight were more successful in performing the tests that did not include throwing wrestling doll, in other words, the tests which included performing wrestling bridge, that is, activities on floor. Coordiantion, endurance of arms and shoulders, speed of alternate movements and flexibility have an important influence on performing the tests being specific for wrestlers. It is sure that all the questions related to the sport of wrestling were not answered in this research, but the author hopes that the given answers can serve as the answers to some importantquestions on how to organize and direct the training process with a wrestler
    Vrsta građe - članak, sastavni dio
    Godina - 2008
    Jezik - engleski
    COBISS.BH-ID - 17680134