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  • Model of acceptance and use of market-ready home-based e-care services : a qualitative study with care receivers and informal caregivers
    Kavčič, Matic, 1981- ; Petrovčič, Andraž ; Dolničar, Vesna, 1977-
    Because of population aging, home-based e-care services (HBECSs) have raised interest among users and service providers. Recently, scholars have focused extensively on the needs and motives of older ... adults as care receivers that shape their pre-implementation acceptance of such technologies. Yet, little is known to date about post-implementation experiences and interrelationships between acceptance factors of market-ready services among care receivers and caregivers. To fill this research gap, an intervention study lasting up to eight weeks tested three market-ready HBECSs. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with seven informal caregivers and six care receivers. Qualitative analysis combining grounded theory with thematic analysis was used to present a thematic description of participants’ experiences and inductively develop a substantive model of HBECS acceptance and use. The results detail the impact and expected benefits of such technologies and various barriers to HBECSs use in conjunction with their functionalities and users’ social interactions. Acceptance and future use are determined by a complex mix of interrelated factors. These range from contextual circumstances to characteristics of the caregivers and care receivers to the service properties and perceived outcomes of use, such as safety, psychological relief, and peace of mind.
    Source: International journal of human-computer interaction. - ISSN 1044-7318 (Vol. 39, no. 5, 2023, str. 988-1002)
    Type of material - article, component part ; adult, serious
    Publish date - 2023
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 105330179