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  • Histokemične značilnosti skeletnih mišičnih vlaken v spremenjenih razmerah = Histochemical characteristics of skeletal muscle fibers under changed conditions
    Blažinovič, Ivan ; Gošnak Dahmane, Raja
    Changed ratio in the muscle and in the muscle fibers which occur for various reasons are reflected on the histochemical pattent of the muscle or of the structure elements of the muscle fiber. Changes ... caused by denervation show thereduction of slow myosin, because the slow myosin develops only in the presence of the nerve. After long time denervation the muscle contains only fast myosin. Immobilisation of muscle causes atrophic changes and leeds to transformarion, mostly of fibers type IIA into IIB. It is proved that in subjects with mostly unactive way of life muscle fibres type IB prevail. Histochemical structure of the muscle of the sportsmen prove, that the prevailance of the definite muscle fibre type is caused by the physical activity. Endurance training causes transformation of the muscle fibre type from IIB to IIA and from IIA to type I.
    Source: Fizioterapija. - ISSN 1318-2102 (Letn. 7, št. 2, december 1999, str. 17-19)
    Type of material - article, component part
    Publish date - 1999
    Language - slovenian
    COBISS.SI-ID - 11250137

source: Fizioterapija. - ISSN 1318-2102 (Letn. 7, št. 2, december 1999, str. 17-19)
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