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  • Cyclic plasticity of the console beam made of steel which exhibits the yield-point phenomenon [Elektronski vir]
    Žerovnik, Andrej, konstruiranje ; Kunc, Robert ; Prebil, Ivan
    Some materials exhibit the yield-point phenomenon at first transition from the elastic into the elasto-plastic region. Despite the widespread use of the aforementioned materials, in the past only a ... few constitutive models were presented which provide a good description of not only the yield-point phenomenon but also czclic plasticity. The paper presents the response of a cyclically loaded console beam. The beam is made of tool steel 42 CrMo 4 in the annealed condition which exhibits the yieldpoint phenomenon. A comparison of experiment and numerical simulation results proves the benefit of taking into account the yield-point phenomenon in constitutive models of cyclic plasticity. Despite the fact that the aforementioned phenomenon occurs only at first transition, it is evident that it has a significant influence on the console beam response in the first and subsequent load cycles.
    Type of material - conference contribution
    Publish date - 2011
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 11715867