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  • Laser-based magnetic micro-inscription : surface heating versus deep penetration regime
    Pogačar, Marko, 1987- ; Jezeršek, Matija
    The technology of magnetic micro-inscription can be used for in-axis positioning measurements directly from a linear actuator which reduces the cost and size of the whole system. In this paper, two ... different regimes for laser-based magnetic micro-inscription were compared: a surface heating and a deep penetration heating. The first regime is the same as conductive heating and the second is similar to the process of keyhole welding. The experimental results show that both processes can be effectively stabilized by means of controlling the width and depth of the microstructure transformation cross-section, as they are able to compensate for external disturbances, such as higher roughness, and the gradual accumulation of heat. From numerical analysis it could be seen that the perfect inscription should have depth equal or more than 0.8 of period of inscription and width around 0.80+/-0.05 of period which is not achievable with the surface heating regime, but only with the deep penetration regime. Results show that the deep penetration heating requires 5-times less laser energy which leads to lower heat accumulation and a more stable process, is unaffected by disturbances, such as higher roughness, and provides an almost 15% higher relative amplitude as measured by the reference magnetic sensor.
    Source: Optics and laser technology. - ISSN 0030-3992 (Vol. 114, Jun. 2019, str. 164-170)
    Type of material - article, component part
    Publish date - 2019
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 16468251

source: Optics and laser technology. - ISSN 0030-3992 (Vol. 114, Jun. 2019, str. 164-170)
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