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  • A fast and increment independent technique for continuous calculation of the strain energy dissipated during cyclic loading applied to magnesium alloy AZ31
    Šolinc, Urša ...
    The paper introduces a method for calculating the strain energy dissipated during cyclic loading based on Prandtl-Ishlinskii hysteresis operators. The dissipated strain energy is cal- culated ... continuously throughout the loading procedure, the main advantage of the method being independence from the incremental step size. The Prandtl-Ishlinskii energy model is applied to a rheological model for magnesium alloy AZ31 that correctly simulates the material's complex response when subjected to arbitrary uniaxial loading at room temperature. This approach gives a fast and accurate value of the dissipated strain energy which in turn can be used for estimating the fatigue life of magnesium alloys.
    Source: International journal of fatigue. - ISSN 0142-1123 (Vol. 139, Oct. 2020, str. 1-11)
    Type of material - article, component part
    Publish date - 2020
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 22466563