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  • Analysis of timber composite two-layer beams according to proposed analytical method and Eurocode 5
    Čas, Bojan, 1975- ; Schnabl, Simon
    This paper focuses on two-layer composite beams with interlayer slips between layers. A mathematical model and its analytical solution for the analysis of the mechanical behavior of geometrically and ... materially linear three - dimensional (3D) two-layer composite beams with interlayer slips between the layers, subjected to general load, is derived. Besides,the results of the proposed mathematical model are compared to the ones obtained by Eurocode 5 (2005). Moreover, by taking into account theoretical basics of the beam mechanics a modified Eurocode 5 (2005) equation for calculation of maximum shear stress es in the beam%s cross section is suggested. The results show good agreement in vertical deflections and normal stresses while there exists a considerable discrepancy of shear stresses compared to the Eurocode 5 (2005) results.
    Type of material - conference contribution
    Publish date - 2019
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 24624643