ALL libraries (COBIB.SI union bibliographic/catalogue database)

Library/institution City Acronym For loan Other holdings
Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana Ljubljana PILJ outside loan 2 cop.
Faculty of Education, Ljubljana Ljubljana PEFLJ outside loan 2 cop.
University of Nova Gorica Nova Gorica PNG outside loan 2 cop.
Central Technological Library of the University of Ljubljana Ljubljana CTK outside loan 1 cop.
Ljubljana City Library Ljubljana MKL outside loan 1 cop.
reading room 1 cop.
Slovene Study Library, Klagenfurt Celovec - Klagenfurt SSKCEL outside loan 1 cop.
Faculty of Arts, Central Humanities Library, Lj. Ljubljana FFLJ reading room 2 cop.
Miklošič Library FPNM, Maribor Maribor PEFMB reading room 1 cop.
National and University Library, Ljubljana Ljubljana NUK reading room 1 cop.
not for loan 1 cop.
University of Maribor Library Maribor UKM reading room 1 cop.
not for loan 1 cop.
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