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  • 90 let Inštituta za narodnostna vprašanja : 1925-2015
    Inštitut za narodnostna vprašanja (Ljubljana)
    Type of material - professional monograph ; adult, serious
    Publication and manufacture - Ljubljana : Inštitut za narodnostna vprašanja, 2015
    Language - slovenian
    ISBN - 978-961-6159-57-9
    COBISS.SI-ID - 282436096

Library/institution City Acronym For loan Other holdings
Institute for Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana Ljubljana INVLJ outside loan 2 cop.
Faculty of Arts, Central Humanities Library, Lj. Ljubljana FFLJ outside loan 1 cop.
France Bevk Public Library, Nova Gorica Nova Gorica SIKNG outside loan 1 cop.
Institute for Contemporary History, Ljubljana Ljubljana INZLJ outside loan 1 cop.
Ljubljana City Library Ljubljana MKL outside loan 1 cop.
reading room 1 cop.
MKK - Public Library of Kranj Kranj SIKKR outside loan 1 cop.
National Museum of Contemporary History Ljubljana MNZLJ outside loan 1 cop.
Public Library Miran Jarc, Novo mesto Novo mesto SIKNM outside loan 1 cop.
Public Library of Celje Celje SIKCE outside loan 1 cop.
Regional and Study Library, Murska Sobota Murska Sobota SIKMS outside loan 1 cop.
Slovene National and Study Library, Trieste Trst - Trieste NSKTRS outside loan 1 cop.
Slovene Study Library, Klagenfurt Celovec - Klagenfurt SSKCEL outside loan 1 cop.
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana Ljubljana SAZU outside loan 1 cop.
The dr. Franc Sušnik central Carinthian library Ravne na Koroškem Ravne na Koroškem SIKRA outside loan 1 cop.
University of Maribor Library Maribor UKM outside loan 1 cop.
not for loan 1 cop.
National Assembly of the RS, Ljubljana Ljubljana DZRS reading room 1 cop.
National and University Library, Ljubljana Ljubljana NUK reading room 1 cop.
not for loan 1 cop.
Public Library Srečko Vilhar, Koper Koper - Capodistria SIKKP reading room 1 cop.
Private Collections (trial run) Maribor ZASKNJ not for loan 1 cop.
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