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  • Multidimensional entrepreneurship [Elektronski vir] : theoretical considerations and Swedish empirics
    Westlund, Hans
    Entrepreneurship is often defined as merely the starting-up of new firms. There are obvious advantages in using this simplified definition, not least regarding measurement, but with such a definition ... there is also a great risk in missing important aspects of entrepreneurship and how it emerges and develops. Therefore, this paper takes its starting point in a broader definition according to which entrepreneurship is a chain of activities, including discovery of opportunities, evaluation of them and gathering resources in order to exploit these opportunities. Based on this definition, this paper examines entrepreneurship in six different spheres of society: economic; social; civil; political; academic; and innovative entrepreneurship.It can be assumed that the six forms of entrepreneurship mutually have impacts on each other, but that the directions of these impacts can vary. This paper makes a first investigation of the six dimensions of entrepreneurship in Sweden and the connections between them and measures of growth at the local government level and in various spatial areas. Economic entrepreneurship, measured in the form of start-ups, is having the strongest connections to growth of population and employment in all types of local government areas. Political entrepreneurship seems completely unimportant for growth of metropolitan and high-growth areas, but strongly correlated to growth in rural and low and medium growth areas
    Source: Regional science policy & practice [Elektronski vir]. - ISSN 1757-7802 (Vol. 3, no. 3, Avg. 2011, str. 199-218)
    Type of material - e-article
    Publish date - 2011
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 30560093