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  • Safety bubble versus risk awareness : casualty aversion among the Slovenian public
    Vuga Beršnak, Janja
    The acceptance of risk in a certain society is tested when de facto or merely potential military death casualties are raised. Several dimensions influencingthe acceptability of risk have already been ... analyzed, although onlythree are examined in this article, namely, the historicopolitical, sociodemographic, and cultural. The Slovenian public opinion survey persistently shows strong risk aversion among Slovenians and the article's purpose is therefore to (1) establish how can the strong risk aversion be explained by the selected dimensions; and (2) identify what part of the population is most risk-aversive. To that end, over twenty years of Slovenian public poll data are analyzed using a triangulation of statistical methods, revealing a cultural pattern of safety bubble versus risk awareness. As the risk aversion model reveals, Slovenian society represents a safety bubble, with strong risk aversion and a very narrow selection of activities worth making sacrifices for. Death casualties are rarely accepted, even if incurred in support of ideals society strongly appreciates, like humanitarian causes
    Source: Armed forces and society. - ISSN 0095-327X (Vol. 40, [no.] 2, Apr. 2014, str. 357-381)
    Type of material - article, component part
    Publish date - 2014
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 31879005

source: Armed forces and society. - ISSN 0095-327X (Vol. 40, [no.] 2, Apr. 2014, str. 357-381)
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