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  • New all-atom force field for molecular dynamics simulation of an AlPO[sub]4-34 molecular sieve
    Praprotnik, Matej, 1974- ...
    A force field of the triclinic framework of AlPO4-34, important in methanol-hydrocarbon conversion reactions, was developed using an empirical potential function. Molecular dynamics simulation of an ... AlPO4-34 triclinic framework segment of 1216 atoms, containing the template molecules isopropylamine and water, was performed with explicit consideration of atomic charges. The average RMS difference between instantaneous positions of the framework atoms during 1 ns simulation and their positions in the structure determined from single crystal X-ray diffraction was calculated, and the average structure of the flexible framework was determined. The computed Debye-Waller factors and simulated FTIR spectra are in good agreement with theexperimental data. The new force field permits detailed molecular dynamics simulations of flexible, charged aluminophosphate molecular sieves which should lead to a better understanding of the catalytic processes and the crucial role played by templating molecules.
    Source: Journal of computational chemistry. - ISSN 0192-8651 (Vol. 29, no. 1, 2008, str. 122-129)
    Type of material - article, component part
    Publish date - 2008
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 3707418