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  • Genetic diversity of core vs. peripheral Norway spruce native populations at a local scale in Slovenia [Elektronski vir]
    Westergren, Marjana ; Božič, Gregor, 1964- ; Kraigher, Hojka
    We investigated the levels of genetic diversity and population differentiation among core and peripheral populations of Norway spruce along an altitudinal gradient (from inversions to upper tree ... line) using isoenzymes (ISO) and nuclear simple-sequence repeats (SSR) markers on overlapping set of populations. Twenty-seven to seventy trees from 11 and 7 populations were genotyped with isoenzymes and SSRs, respectively. The results partially conform to the expectations of the central-peripheral hypothesis (CPH) and are consistent for both marker sets. Genetic differentiation among peripheral populations was low but significantly different from zero (FST-ISO = 0.013, FST-SSR = 0.009) and higher than that among core populations (FST-ISO = 0.007, FST-SSR = 0.005), conforming to central peripheral hypothesis. Contrastingly, levels of genetic diversity assessed by both richness and equitability measures did not significantly differ between peripheral and core populations (AR-ISO = 2.20 vs. 2.14, AR-SSR = 17.16 vs. 17.68, HE-ISO = 0.183 vs. 0.185, and HE-SSR = 0.935 vs. 0.935 for peripheral and core populations, respectively).
    Source: IForest = I Forest [Elektronski časopis]. - ISSN 1971-7458 (Vol. 11, 31. Jan. 2018, str. 104-110)
    Type of material - e-article
    Publish date - 2018
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 4994982