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  • A new approach to complex web site organization [Elektronski vir] : Jan Pisanski, Tomaz [i. e. Tomaž] Pisanski and Maja Zumer [i. e. Žumer]
    Pisanski, Jan ; Pisanski, Tomaž ; Žumer, Maja, 1953-
    The methodology presented in this paper is based on concept mapping, which is a technique for representing knowledge in graphs. Its applications are broaderand cover, in addition to presentation of ... knowledge, the complex organization of systems such as web sites. The paper presents a method for reaching consensus from several organizations of data/web site independently produced by different people. A class of methods was initiated, considering a number of parameters that can be chosen in order to match closely any specificreal-life application. Although the methodology can be fully automated in terms of a suitable computer program, it is meant to be mainly a useful tool for experts in web site organization.
    Type of material - e-article ; adult, serious
    Publish date - 2013
    Language - english
    COBISS.SI-ID - 51728482