CC (Contents code) search index code list of COBIB.SI database

0 not a conference publication
1 conference publication
8 offprint
9 other
a bibliography
aa religious work (antiquarian)
ab catechism (antiquarian)
ac devotional literature (antiquarian)
ad sermon (antiquarian)
ae service books (antiquarian)
b catalogue
ba scientific work (antiquarian)
bb discussion, dissertation, thesis (antiquarian)
c index
ca social customs (antiquarian)
d abstract or summary
da legal work (antiquarian)
db political work (antiquarian)
e dictionary
ea ephemera (antiquarian)
f encyclopedia
fa reference work (antiquarian)
fb library catalogue (antiquarian)
fc bibliography (antiquarian)
fd calendar (antiquarian)
fe index (antiquarian)
ff dictionary (antiquarian)
fg encyclopedia (antiquarian)
g directory
ga historical work (antiquarian)
h annual
ha polemical treatise (antiquarian)
i statistics
ia discursive work (antiquarian)
j textbook
j1 textbook for primary schools
j1d exercise book for primary schools
j2 textbook for secondary schools
j2d exercise book for secondary schools
j3 textbook for colleges
j3d exercise book for colleges
ja commemorative work (antiquarian)
jd exercise book
k patent; reviews
ka instructional work (antiquarian)
kb manual (antiquarian)
kc textbook (antiquarian)
l standard; laws and legislation
la record-keeping work (antiquarian)
m doctoral dissertation; law reports and digests
m2 master's thesis
m3 specialist thesis
m4 habilitation
m5 undergraduate thesis
m6 post-secondary vocational diploma
m7 matura paper
ma recreations (antiquarian)
mb11 diploma paper/work (1st degree Bologna study programme)
mb12 final paper (1st degree Bologna study programme)
mb13 diploma project paper/project paper (1st degree Bologna study programme)
mb14 seminar work within the diploma seminar/final seminar paper/work (1st degree Bologna study programme)
mb15 dramaturgical paper (1st degree Bologna study programme)
mb16 final reflection paper (1st degree Bologna study programme)
mb21 diploma paper/work (2nd degree Bologna study programme)
mb22 master thesis/work (Bologna study programme)
mb31 doctoral thesis/work (Bologna study programme)
n laws and legislation; legal articles
na version of a work (antiquarian)
o numeric table; legal cases and case notes
o1 tariffs
o2 price list
p technical report; biography
p1 seminar paper in primary school
p2 seminar paper in secondary school
p3 research project in primary school
p4 research project in secondary school
p5 research project in college
q examination paper
r research; literature surveys/reviews
r1 review, subject review
r2 scientific paper
r3 preliminary communication
r4 professional paper
r5 conference paper
r6 unknown paper
s treaties
t development research; cartoons or comic strips
u regulations
u1 statute
u2 corporation programme
v handbook
v1 guide
v2 instructions
w application research
wap apostle
wbl beautitudes
wbm mineanon
wca book of hours
wde decalogue
wev gospel
wgz glagolitic papers
whr chrestomathy
wir irmology
wka catechism
wko kontakion (Orth. hymn)
wle eccl. lectionary
wli liturgy
wme menaion
wmi missal
wmo prayer-book
wok oktoechos
wpi communion hymn
wpk prokimenon (Orth. hymn)
wpr preparation of offerings
wps psalter
wpv privileges
wre regulations
wri ritual
wsa sacrifical
wse sermon
wsl service book
wsr book of Serbien hymns to saints
wst stematography
wsv symbol of the faith
wti typik - book of ritual (Orth.)
wto tropar (Orth. hymn)
wtr triodion
x1 cartoon or comic strips
x2 picture book
y literature survey/review
z proceedings, festschrift, etc.; other kinds of contents
zz other (antiquarian)