LC (Literature code) search index code list of COBIB.SI database

a novel; autobiography
a1 social novel
a2 adventure novel
a3 historical, war novel
a4 mystery, spy, detective novel
a5 (auto)biografical novel, biography in general
a6 science fiction (prose)
aa poetry (antiquarian)
ab romance (antiquarian)
b dramatic play; individual biography
b1 radio play
b2 scenario (TV or other)
b3 libretto
c essay; collective biography
ca drama (antiquarian)
d humour, satire, parody; contains biographical information
da libretto (antiquarian)
e letters
ea fiction (antiquarian)
eb novel (antiquarian)
ec novella (antiquarian)
ed fable (antiquarian)
ef fairy tale (antiquarian)
eg allegory (antiquarian)
eh myth/legend (antiquarian)
ei parable (antiquarian)
ej short story (antiquarian)
f short stories
f1 fairy tales
f2 anecdotes
f3 aphorisms, proverbs
f4 fables
fa essay, feuilleton (antiquarian)
g poetry
g1 riddles
g2 anthology of poetry
ga humour, satire (antiquarian)
h speech
h1 interview
ha letters (antiquarian)
i memoirs, diaries, travelogues, commentaries
i1 memoirs, diary
i2 travelogue, commentary
ia miscellanea (antiquarian)
ja maxim, aphorism, proverb, anecdote (antiquarian)
ka juvenile literature (antiquarian)
la other (antiquarian)
lb chronicle (antiquarian)
lc memoir (antiquarian)
ld diary (antiquarian)
le biography (antiquarian)
lf hagiography (antiquarian)
lg travelogue (antiquarian)
lh erotica (antiquarian)
li mystic literature (antiquarian)
ma oratory, speeches (antiquarian)
x folk literature
x1 folk poetry
x2 folk prose
x3 myths, legends
y not a literary text; not biographical
yy not a literary text (antiquarian)
z other and multiple literary forms
z1 anthology (other literature forms)
z2 collected works
z3 selected works
zz other (antiquarian)