UC (UDC access) search index code list of COBIB.SI database

001 Science and knowledge in general. Organization of intellectual work
001.18 Future of knowledge. Futurology
001.32 Scientific and technical centres. Research institutes etc. Learned societies
001.8 Scientific methodology
001.89 Organization of science and scientific work
001.891 Scientific research
001.895 Innovations
002 Documentation. Books. Writings. Authorship
002.6 Documentation centres
003 Writing systems and scripts
003.3 Scripts
004 Computer science and technology. Computer science. Data processing
004.2 Computer architecture
004.3 Computer hardware
004.4 Software
004.42 Computer programming. Computer programs
004.43 Computer programming languages
004.45 System software
004.5 Human-computer interaction. Man-machine interface. User interface. User environment
004.55 Hypermedia. Hypertext
004.6 Data
004.7 Computer communication. Computer networks
004.738.5 The Internet
004.8 Artificial intelligence
004.9 Application-oriented computer-based techniques
004.92 Computer graphics
004.93 Pattern information processing
004.94 Simulation
005 Management
005.1 Management theory
005.2 Management agents. Mechanisms. Measures
005.3 Management activities
005.336.1 Efficiency. Cost-consciousness
005.336.3 Quality
005.4 Processes in management
005.44 Globalisation
005.5 Management operations. Direction
005.57 Internal communications, information
005.6 Quality management. Total quality management (TQM)
005.7 Organizational management (OM). Business organization
005.8 Project management
005.9 Fields of management
005.912 Office management. Office services
005.912:82-6 Business letters
005.912:82-86 Business correspondence
006 Standardization of products, operations, weights, measures and time
006.3/.8 Standards
006.91 Metrology. Weights and measures in general
006.92 Horology. Determination and standardization of time
007 Activity and organizing. Communication and control theory generally (cybernetics)
007.5 Self-acting systems
007.52 Without human operators. Automata. Robots
008 Civilization. Culture. Progress
009 Humanities. Art studies in general
01 Bibliography, theory
01(051) Bibliographies. Catalogues. Book lists
011/014 Bibliographies. Universal and general bibliographies. Contents lists
015 Bibliographies of place. National bibliographies
016 Special subject bibliographies
016:929 Biobibliographies
017.3/.4 Auction catalogues. Catalogues of book sales
017/019 Library catalogues
02 Librarianship
022 Library building. Equipment
023 Library administration. Staff. Personnel
025.3 Cataloguing. Cataloguing technique
025.4 Classification and indexing
026 Special libraries
026/027 Libraries
027 General libraries
027.54 Central authority libraries
027.7/.8 School libraries. Academic libraries
028 Reading. Reading technique. Advise to readers
030 General reference works
050 Serial publications. Periodicals
050.8/.9 Yearbooks. Directories, address books. Almanacs. Calendars
06 Corporations. Associations. Congresses. Exhibitions
061 Organizations and other types of cooperation.
061.12 Academies
061.1eu European Union
061.2 Nongovernmental organizations. Societies. Foundations
061.213 Youth organizations
061.22 Organizations for the advancement of knowledge, science, culture. Learned societies
061.5(4/9) Business undertakings
061.6 Scientific and technical establishments, centres, services
069 Museums. Museology. Permanent exhibitions. Museum collections
070 Newspapers. The press
070.48 Special kinds of newspaper
070.481 Official journals, gazettes
070.489 Bulletins, newsletters of institutions and enterprises
082.1 Series
084.11 Drawings. Sketches. Cartoons
087.5 Publications for young people
09 Manuscripts. Rare and remarkable works
091 Manuscripts
093 Incunabula
094/096 Other precious, remarkable or rear printed works
097 Marks of ownership or origin (ex libris, bookplates, monograms)
1 Philosophy. Psychology
1 a/ž Philosophers
1(091) History of philosophy
1(3) Ancient philosophy
1(4)"04/14" European philosophy, medieval
1(4)"05/15" European philosophy, medieval
1(4)"15/19" European philosophy, modern
1(4/9)"19/20" Contemporary philosophy
11 Metaphysics. Ontology
11/12 Metaphysics. Philosophy of nature
111.852 Aesthetics (objective and subjective)
113/119 Cosmology. Philosophy of nature (see also: 524)
130.2 Philosophy of culture. Cultural systems. Theory of cultural complexes
133 The paranormal. The occult. Psi phenomena
14 Philosophical systems and points of view
141 Philosophical systems
141.7 According to attitude to human society
159.9 Psychology
159.92 Mental development and capacity. Comparative psychology
159.93/.94 Sensation. Sensory perception
159.95 Higher mental processes
159.96 Special mental states and processes
159.964 Depth psychology. Psychoanalysis
159.97 Abnormal psychology
159.98 Applied psychology (psychotechnology) in general
16 Logic. System in the science
161/162 Fundamentals of logic
165 Theory of knowledge. Epistemology
165.6/.8 Epistemological viewpoints and doctrines
167/168 Logical methodology (see also: 001)
17 Moral philosophy. Ethics. Practical philosophy
1a/ž Philosophers
2 Religion. Theology
2-1 Theory and philosophy of religion
2-18 Man. Religion. Doctrinal anthropology
2-5 Worship broadly. Cult. Rites and ceremonies
21 Prehistoric and primitive religions
22 Religions originating in the far East
23 Religions originating in Indian sub-continent. Hindu religion in the broad sense
23/24 Hinduism. Buddhism
24 Buddhism
25 Religions of antiquity. Minor cults and religions
255 Classical antiquity
257 Religions of Europe
258 Religions of South and Central America. Pre-columbian Indian religions
259 Religions of other areas
26 Judaism
27 Christianity
27-1 Christian theology
27-23 The Bible
27-236.5 Bible stories
27-242 The Old Testament
27-246 The New Testament
27-27 Critical works. Introductions to the Bible. Interpretation
27-28 Non-Biblical Christian texts. Service books. Liturgical texts. Cathecisms
27-29 Christian literature
27-31 Jesus Christ. Christology
27-36 Saints
27-4 Practical theology. Christian practice. Christian moral theology
27-46 Pastoral theology. Pastoral work. Christian charity
27-47 Catechetics. Homiletics. Sermons
27-5 Christian worship and ritual. Liturgy. Prayers. Pilgrimages
27-52 Holy places. Religious buildings. Church vechicles, objects, vestments. Art. Symbols
27-55 Sacraments
27-58 Christian mysticism and spiritualism. Meditations
27-72 Nature, institution of the church. Christian ministers. Lay persons. Ecclesiology
27-76 Christian missions
27-78 Christian organizations and unions. Religious orders. Monastic orders
27-784 Religious groups and lay orders
27-788 Monastic orders. Monasticism. Religious orders proper
27-87 Heresy
27-9 History of the Christianity. Patrology, Patristics. General history of the christian church
271 Eastern Orthodox church
271/279 Christian churches and denominations
272 Roman catholic church
28 Islam
29 Modern spiritual movements
3 Social sciences
303 Methods of the social sciences
304 Social questions. Social practise. Cultural practise
305 Gender studies. Women's studies
308 Sociography. Descriptive studies of society. Social situation
308(4) Social situation in European countries
308(497.4) Social situation in Slovenia
308(5/9) Social situation in Non-European countries
311 Statistics as a science. Statistical theory
311/314 Statistics. Demography
314 Demography. Population studies
314.15 Migration. Movement of populations
314.151.3(=163.6) Slovene emigrants
314.7 Migration. Movement of populations
314.743(=163.6) Slovene emigrants
316 Sociology
316.2 Sociological points of view and trends
316.3 Social structure. Society as a social system. Global societies
316.334 Sociology of economics. Political sociology. Sociology of law. Sociology of economic subsystems and institutions
316.34 Social stratification. Social differentiation
316.346 Demographic differentiation according to sex and age
316.35 Social groups. Social organizations
316.36 Marriage and family
316.4 Social processes. Social dynamics
316.6 Social psychology
316.653 Public opinion
316.7 Sociology of culture
316.72 Subcultures. Style of life. Sociology of everyday life
316.77 Social communication. Sociology of communication
32 Politics. Political sciences
321 Forms of political organization. States as political powers. Political systems
321.01 General theory of the state. Theory and philosophy of power. State and territory. Authority and opposition. Usurpation
322 Relations between church and state. Policy towards religion. Church policy
323 Home affairs. Internal policy. Political situation
323(497.4) Slovenia, internal policy. Political situation in Slovenia
323.1 Nationalist, popular, ethnic movements and problems. National and ethnic minorities. Chauvinism. Racialism
323.15 National minorities
323.15(=163.6) Slovenes, national minorities
324 Elections. Plebiscites. Referendums. Election campaigns. Electoral corruption, malpractice. Election results
325 Opening up of territories. Colonization
326 Slavery. Involuntary, unfree labour
327 International relations. World, global politics. International affairs. Foreign policy
327(497.4) Slovenia, foreign policy
327.3 Internationalism. International movements, objectives
327.5 International blocks. Tenssion, conflict. Relaxation of tension
328 Parliaments. Representation of the people. Governments
329 Political parties and movements
329(497.4) Political parties in Slovenia
33 Economics. Economic science
33.025.28 Denationalization. Privatization
33.025.88 Denationalization. Privatization
330 Economics in general. Economists. Economic theories
330.1 Science of economics. Basic economic concepts, theory. Value. Capital. Funds
330.3 Dynamics of the economy. Economic movement
330.34 Economic development
330.4 Mathematical economics. Econometrics
330.5 National property. National assets. National product. Balance of the economy. Consumption
330.8 History of economic theories, doctrines, dogmas
331 Labour. Employment. Trade unions
331.1 Theory and organization of work. Relations between business firms and employees. Ergonomics
331.103 Organization of work
331.105 Labour relationship. Employers. Employees. Trade unions
331.106 Contracts of employment
331.107 Worker participation. Industrial democracy. Self-management. Collaboration of workers in planning and control
331.108 Personnel administration. Work regulations. Work discipline
331.109 Labour disputes between employers and employees. Strikes
331.2 Salaries. Wages. Remuneration. Pay
331.3 Working conditions other than pay. Hours of work. Leave. Holidays
331.4 Working environment. Workplace design. Occupational safety. Hygiene at work. Accidents at work
331.45 Protection at work. Safety at work
331.5 Labour market. Employment
331.54 Occupation. Vocation. Choice of occupation
331.548 Vocational guidance, counselling
331.56 Unemployment
332 Regional economics. Land economics. Economics of housing
332.1 Regional economics. Territorial economics
332.2 Land economics. Landed property. Real estate
332.26 Limitations on ownership (nationalization, denationalization)
332.8 Economics of housing
334 Forms of organization and cooperation in the economy
334.71 Commercial, industrial systems. Craft
334.72 Enterprises, firms, according to their ownership, sources of finance and scope of activity
334.73 Cooperative companies
334.75 Supraorganizational arrangements between businesses etc. in a market economy about concentration and cooperation. Umbrella agreements
334.76 Association of enterprises in a planned economy
334.788 Economic organizations with administrative function. Chambers of commerce. Chambers of trade
336 Finance
336(051) Finance. Public finance. Taxes. Customs
336.1 Public finance, government finance in general
336.22 Taxes. Levies
336.24 Customs charges as a source of revenue
336.5 Public expenditure. Financial expenditure. State expenditure
336.7 Money. Monetary system. Banking. Stock exchanges
336.71 Banking
336.74 Money. Currency
336.748 Monetary exchange rates. Movement of exchange rates. Fluctuations in exchange rates
336.76 Stock market. Money market. Capital market. Private trusteeship
336.77 Credit. Economic function of credit
336.77/.78 Credit. Interest
336.78 Interest. Return on capital. Lotteries
338 Management of the economy. Economic planning.. Production. Services
338(051) Economy (economy of individual countries, regions, etc.). Economic policy. Economic planning. Prices
338(497.4) Slovenia, economy
338.1 Economic situation. Trade cycle. Development of economic structure. Growth
338.2 Economic policy
338.24 Control of the economy. Management of the economy. Economic reforms
338.27 Economic forecasts, prediction. Economic forecasting
338.4 Production and services according to economic sectors
338.48 Tourism
338.5 Prices. Price formation. Costs
339 Trade. Market. Marketing
339.1 General questions of trade and commerce
339.13 Market. Market analysis. Supply and demand. Competition
339.138 Marketing
339.3 Inland trade. Internal trade. Domestic trade
339.5 Foreign trade. External trade. International trade
339.7 International finance. International payments. International money and capital market. International banks
339.74 Foreign exchange policy. Instruments of foreign exchange policy
339.9 International economy generally. International economic relations. Global economy
339.923 International economic integration. Economic unions. Economic communities. Economic blocs
34 Law. Jurisprudence
34(091) History of law
34(4/9) Legal systems in individual countries
340.1 Types and forms of law
340.15 Historic types of law and legal systems
340.6 Auxiliary legal sciences. Forensic psychology. Forensic chemistry. Forensic medicine
341 International law
341.1 International organizations
341.1+341.217 International organizations
341.2 Persons and things in international law
341.24 International legal acts. International agreements. International treaties
341.3 Law of war. International legal relations in war
341.4 International criminal law
341.6 International arbitration. International adjudication, jurisdiction
341.7/.8 Diplomatic law. Laws of diplomacy. Consular law
342 Public law. Constitutional law. Administrative law
342.4 Constitutions. Legislative assemblies. National assemblies
342.5 Power of the state. System and function of organs of government
342.7 Fundamental rights. Human rights. Rights and duties of the citizen
342.8 Electoral law. Voting. Electoral systems
343 Criminal law. Penal offences
343.1 Criminal justice. Criminal investigation. Criminal proceedings
343.3/.7 Particular offences. Specific punishable acts
343.8 Punishment. Execution of sentence. Crime prevention. Deterrence
343.9 Criminology. Criminal sciences. Criminalistics
344 Special criminal law. Military, naval, air force laws
346 Economic law. Law of government control of the economy
347 Civil law
347.2 Law of realty. Real rights. Things. Chattels
347.23 Property
347.4/.5 Law of obligations
347.61/.64 Family law
347.65/.68 Law of inheritance
347.7 Commercial law. Company law
347.72 Trading companies
347.77 Industrial, commercial, scientific, property and ownership. Patent and trade-mark law
347.78 Artistic and literary property. Author's rights. Copyright
347.8 Law of air, space, ether
347.9 Legal procedure. Judiciary personnel and organization
348 Ecclesiastical law. Canon law
349 Special branches of law (law of social welfare, environmental protection law, law of nuclear power)
349.2 Labour law
349.4 Land, property, planning laws
35 Public administration. Government. Military affairs
35(497.4) Public administration in Slovenia
351 Particular activities of public administration
351.74/.76 Police. Maintenance of public order. Supervision of public morality
351.77 Supervision of public health and hygiene. Sanitary control
351.778.5 Dwellings. Housing. Housing regulations
351.78 Supervision of public safety. Measures for accident preventions. Safety measures
352 Lowest levels of administration. Local government. Municipal administration. Local authorities
353 Middle levels of administration. Regional, provincial government. Regional authorities
354 High level, top level of administration. Central, national government
355.01 War. Sociology of war. Philosophy of war. Militarism
355.02 Military policy. Defence policy
355.3 General organization of the armed forces
355.4 War operations in general. Tactics. Strategy. Theatre of war
355.48/.49 Military history. Wars. Campaigns. Battles. Exploits
355/359 Military affairs. Art of war. Military science. Defence. Armed forces
36 Social work. Social aid. Housing. Insurance
364 Social welfare
364.3 Social benefits. Social allowances. Social insurance. Social assistance
364.4 Kinds of relief service
366 Consumerism
368 Insurance. Communal provision through sharing of risk
368.914 Pension insurance
37 Education
37(4/9) Educational systems in other countries
37(497.4) Educational system in Slovenia
37.01 Fundamentals of education. Theory
37.014 Educational policy. Educational work and public life
37.015 Special pedagogic sciences. Educational psychology
37.015.31 Methods for development of mental, intellectual, imaginative capacity
37.016 Curriculum
37.018 Educational institution. Basic forms, patterns, of education
37.02 General questions of didactics and method
37.03 Intelligence training and personality formation (moral, social, artistic, environmental ... education)
37.091 Organization of educational and training system. School organization. Personnel matters. Staff
37.091.2 Organization of instruction, teaching, educational arrangements
37.091.3 Teaching methods and procedures. Forms of instruction and training
37.091.3:0/9 Teaching methods and procedures in particular subject
37.091.4 Educational systems
37.091.5 School order and discipline
37.091.6 Site. School grounds. Buildings. Fittings. Teaching equipment
37.091.64 Educational, instructional equipment. Teaching and learning materials
37.091.8 School and student life
371 Organization of educational and training system. School organization. Personnel matters. Staff
371.2 Organization of instruction, teaching, educational arrangements
371.3 Teaching methods and procedures. Forms of instruction and training
371.3:0/9 Teaching methods and procedures in particular subject
371.4 Educational systems
371.5 School order and discipline. Punishments
371.6 Site. School grounds. Buildings. Fittings. Teaching equipment
371.64/.69 Educational, instructional equipment. Teaching and learning materials
371.8 School and student life
373 Kinds of school providing general education
373.2 Preschool education
373.3 Primary school. Elementary level
373.5 Secondary school
374 Education and training out of school. Adult education. Further education
376 Education, teaching, training of special groups of persons. Special schools
377 Specialized instruction. Vocational, technical, professional training. Vocational colleges, institutes. Polytechnics
377.5 Higher vocational training for technician and supervisory grades (including courses leading to matriculation)
378 Higher education. Universities. Academc studies
378(4/9) Higher education in other countries
378(497.4) Higher education in Slovenia
378.18 Student life, customs etc. Student organizations. Student gazettes
378.4 Universities
378.6 Specialist colleges with university status
379.8 Leasure and recreation. Amateurism. Hobby
39 Ethnology. Ethnography. Folklore. Customs. Cultural anthropology
39(=163.6) Traditional Slovene culture. Customs. Manners
391 Costume. Clothing. National dress. Fashion. Adornment
392 Customs, manners, usage in private life
393 Death rites. Funerals
393/394 Death rites. Funerals. Public life. Social life. Life of the people
394 Social life. National festivals. Folk dances
395 Social ceremonial. Etiquette. Good manners. Congratulations. Gifts
396 Feminism. Women and society. Position of women
397 Primitive peoples. Indians. Gypsies
398 Folklore
398(497.4) Slovene folk literature
398(=163.6) Slovene folk literature
398.3/.4 Popular beliefs and customs. Superstitions. Beliefs and customs concerning particular times and festivals. The supernatural
5 Natural sciences
502 The environment and its protection
502.1 The environment and society. Conservation and protection in general
502.131.1 Sustainable development
502.2 The environment as a whole
502.3/.7 Parts of the environment. Atmosphere. Hydrosphere
502/504 Environmental sceince. Conservation of natural resources. Threats to the environment and protection against them
504 Threats to the environment
504.12 Depletion or exhaustion by over-exploitation or misuse
504.4 Damage from natural causes. Natural disasters
504.5 Damage from harmful materials. Pollution
504.7 Global warming. "Greenhouse effect"
51 Mathematics
51-7 Mathematical studies and methods in other fields of knowledge
51-8 Mathematical games and recreations
510 Fundamental and general considerations of mathematics. Set theory. Mathematical logic
510.3 Set theory. Set theoretic approach
510.6 Mathematical logic
511 Number theory. Arithmetic. Elementary number theory
512 Algebra
512.5 General algebra
512.6 Special branches of algebra. Fields. Polynomials
514 Geometry
514.11 Elementary geometry, trigonometry, polygonometry
514.18 Descriptive geometry
514.7 Differential geometry. Algebraic and analytic methods in geometry
515.1 Topology
515.14 Algebraic topology
517 Analysis
517.1/.4 Differential calculus. Integral calculus. Operational calculus. Fourier transforms. Laplace transforms
517.5 Theory of functions
517.52 Series and sequences
517.9 Differential equations. Integral equations. Other functional equations. Finite differences. Calculus of variations. Functional analysis
519.1 Combinatorial analysis
519.17 Graph theory
519.2 Probability. Mathematical statistics
519.6 Computational mathematics. Numerical analysis
519.68 Computer programming (theory, languages, logic) (Software see: 681.3.06)
519.688 Computer programs and algorithms
519.7 Mathematical cybernetics
519.7/.8 Mathematical cybernetics. Operational research
519.8 Operational research
52 Astronomy. Astrophysics. Space research
520 Astronomical instruments and techniques
521 Theoretical astronomy. Celestial mechanics
521.932 Determination of time by astronomical observations
523 The Solar system
524 Stars. Stellar systems. Universe
528 Geodesy. Surveying. Photogrammetry. Remote sensing. Cartography
528.7 Photogrammetry: aerial, terrestrial
528.9 Cartography. Mapping (textual documents)
53 Physics
530.12 Relativity principle
530.14 Synthesis of principles of constancy and variability. Atomism in general. Quantum theory
530.145 Quantum theory. Wave mechanics
530.16 Causality and Probability
531 General mechanics. Mechanics of solid and rigid bodies
531/533 Mechanics
531/534 Mechanics. Acoustics
532 Fluid mechanics in general. Mechanics of liquids (hydromechanics)
533 Mechanics of gases. Aeromechanics. Plasma physics
534 Vibrations. Acoustics
535 Optics
536 Thermodynamics. Heat. Statistical physics
536.7 Thermodynamics. Energetics
537 Electricity. Magnetism. Electromagnetism
538.9 Physics of condensed matter. Physics of solid substance
539 Physical nature of matter
539.1 Nuclear physics. Atomic physics. Molecular physics
539.16 Radioactivity. Radioactive decay
539.17 Nuclear reactions. Fission. Fusion. Chain reactions etc.
539.18 Physics of single atoms
539.19 Physics of single molecules
539.2 Properties and structure of molecular systems
539.3 Elasticity. Deformation. Mechanics of elastic solids
539.4 Strength. Resistance to stress
539.92 Friction
54 Chemistry
542 Practical laboratory chemistry. Preparative and experimental chemistry
543 Analytical chemistry
543.061 Qualitative analysis. Detection. Identification
543.062 Quantitative analysis. Estimation
543.2/.9 Chemical methods of analysis
544 Physical chemistry
544.1 Chemical structure of matter
544.3/.4 Chemical thermodynamics. Chemical equilibrium. Chemical kinetics. Catalysis
544.5/.6 Chemistry of high energy processes. Electrochemistry
544.7 Chemistry of surface phenomena and colloids
546 Inorganic chemistry
546.1/.2 Nonmetals
546.3/.9 Metals
547 Organic chemistry
547.2/.4 Acyclic compounds
547.5/.6 Cyclic compounds
547.7/.8 Heterocyclic compounds
547.9 Natural substances. Substances of unknown composition
548/549 Crystallography. Mineralogy
55 Geological sciences
550.3 Geophysics
551.1/.4 General geology
551.44 Speleology. Caves. Fissures. Karst phenomena
551.5 Meteorology
551.58 Climatology
551.7 Historical geology. Stratigraphy
552 Petrography
553 Economic geology. Mineral deposits
556 Hidrosphere. Water in general. Hydrology
556.3 Ground water hydrology. Geohydrology. Hydrogeology
556.5 Surface-water hydrology. Land hydrology
56 Paleontology. Systematic paleobotany. Systematic paleozoology
57 Biology
572 Physical anthropology
574 General ecology and biodiversity. Hydrobiology
574.1 Biodiversity
575 General genetics. General cytogenetics
575.111 Genome. Genomics
575.8 Evolution. Origin of species. Phylogeny
576 Cellular and subcellular biology. Cytology
577 Biochemistry. Molecular biology. Biophysics
577.2 Molecular bases of life. Molecular biology. Molecular genetics
578 Virology
579 Microbiology
579.6 Applied microbiology
58 Botany
581 General botany. Plant physiology. Plant morphology. Plant ecology
581.9 Plant geography. Floras
582 Systematic botany
59 Zoology
591 General zoology. Animal physiology. Animal anatomy. Animal ecology
591.9 Zoogeography. Fauna
592/599 Systematic zoology
60 Biotechnology
602 Processes and techniques in biotechnology
602.6/.7 Gene engineering. Genetic engineering. Cloning
604 Biotechnological products. Genetically modified organisms
608 Biotechnological issues. Including: legal, economic, moral implications. Bioethics. Biological safety
61 Medical sciences
611 Anatomy. Human and comparative anatomy
612 Physiology. Human and comparative physiology
613 Hygiene generally. Personal health and hygiene
613.2 Dietetics. Nutrition
613.8 Health and hygiene of the nervous system. Health and ethics. Addiction
613.9 Health and hygiene in relation to race, age, sex
614 Public health and hygiene
614.2 Public and professional organization of health
614.8 Accidents. Accident prevention. Personal protection
614.84 Fire hazards. Fires. Protection against fire
614.88 First aid. Casualty and ambulance services. Red Cross
615 Pharmacy. Pharmacology
615.2 Medicaments according to their principal action
615.3 Medicaments according to their origin
615.32 Substances of natural origin and their mixtures
615.4 Pharmaceutical preparations. Medical material. Equipment
615.8 Physiotherapy. Physical therapy. Radiotherapy. Other nonmedicinal therapeutic treatment. Alternative medicine
615.82/.84 Rehabilitation. Physiotherapy. Radiotherapy. Massage
615.851 Psychotherapy
615.89 Folk medicine. Popular, household remedies
615.9 General toxicology. General studies of poisons and poisoning (intoxication)
616 Pathology. Clinical medicine
616-001 Traumata. Injuries. Wounds
616-002 Inflammation. Irritation. Engorgement (hyperaemia). Mucous congestion
616-006 Tumours. Neoplasms. Oncology
616-053.2 Pediatrics. Diseases of infancy and childhood
616-053.9 Geriatrics. Diseases of old age, presenility, senility
616-057 Occupational medicine. Occupational diseases
616-058 Social incidence of disease. Disease according to class. Social medicine
616-07 Semiology. Symptomatology. Diagnosis
616-083 Care of patient. Hygiene of the sick. Nursing
616-083.98 First aid. Emergency treatment
616-084 Prophylaxis. Public health measures. Preventive treatment
616-089 Operative treatment. Operative technique. Surgery
616-092 Pathological physiology. Processes, mode of action of diseases. Pathogenesis
616-097 Antigens. Antibodies. Immunology
616.1 Pathology of the circulatory system, blood vessels. Cardiovascular complaints. Haematology
616.1/.4 Internal medicine
616.2 Pathology of the respiratory system
616.21 Otorhinolaryngology
616.3 Pathology of the digestive system. Gastroenterology
616.31 Stomatology. Oral cavity. Diseases of the mouth and teeth
616.379 Islets of Langerhans. Diabetes
616.4 Pathology of the lymphatic system, haemopoietic organs, endocrines
616.5 Skin. Clinical dermatology. Cutaneous complaints
616.6 Patology of the urogenital system. Urinary and genital complaints. Urology
616.7 Pathology of the organs of locomotion. Skeletal and locomotor systems
616.8 Neurology. Neuropathology. Nervous system
616.89 Psychiatry. Psychopathology. Psychoses. Mental abnormality. Behavioural and emotional disturbances
616.9 Infectious diseases. AIDS. Venerology
617 Surgery
617.3 Orthopedics
617.7 Ophthalmology. Eye disorders and treatment
618 Gynaecology. Obstetrics
618.1 Gynaecology. Pathology of the female
618.2/.7 Obstetrics. Pregnancy. Post-partum period
62 Engineering. Technology in general
62-5 Operation and control of machines and processes
620.1/.2 Materials testing. Defects of materials. Protection of materials
620.3 Nanotechnology
620.9 Economics of energy in general
620.92/.98 Alternativni viri energije
621 Mechanical engineering
621.039 Nuclear engineering. Atomic industry
621.039.58 Safety considerations for nuclear fission reactors
621.039.7 Radioactive waste management
621.1 Generation and use of steam. Steam engines
621.22 Hydraulic energy. Hydraulic machinery
621.3 Electrical engineering
621.31 Generation, supply and control of electricity
621.311 Power stations. Supply networks. Electrification
621.313/.314 Electric machines. Transformation. Transformers. Rectifiers
621.317 Electrical measurement
621.35/.36 Electrochemical technology. Thermoelectricity
621.38 Electronics. X-ray tubes
621.39 Telecommunication
621.396/.398 Radiocommunication. Television engineering. Video technology
621.4 Heat engines (except steam engines)
621.5/.6 Pneumatic machinery. Refrigeration technology. Compressors
621.7 Chipless working. Heat treatment
621.7+621.9 Mechanical technology
621.74 Foundry
621.791 Welding and allied techniques
621.798 Packing. Packaging equipment and machines
621.8 Machine elements. Motive power engineering. Lubrication
621.9 Cutting. Sheet working. Deep drawing
622 Mining. Mining technology. Mining operations
622.3 Mining of specific minerals, ores, rocks
622.7 Mineral dressing
622.8 Mining accidents. Health protection and safety in mines
623 Military engineering
624 Civil and structural engineering (Building trade SEE: 69, Building materials SEE: 691, Structural parts SEE: 692)
624+69 Civil and structural engineering. Building trade
624.04 Structural design. Statics
624.07 Structural elements
625 Civil engineering of land transport. Railway and highway engineering
625.1 Railway engineering
625.7/.8 Highway engineering
626/627 Hydraulic engineering
628 Public health engineering. Water. Sanitation. Illuminating engineering
628.1 Water supply. Water treatment. Water consumption
628.3 Waste water
628.4 Urban hygiene
628.5 Industrial hygiene. Technical protection
629 Transport vehicle engineering
629.3 Land vehicle engineering (excluding rail vehicles)
629.4 Rail vehicle engineering
629.5 Watercraft engineering
629.7 Air and space transport engineering. Astronautics. Space engineering
63 Agriculture and related sciences and techniques
630 Forestry
630*1 Environmental factors in forestry. Forest biology
630*2 Siviculture
630*3 Work science studies and work studies in forest. Logging and transport. Forest engineering
630*4 Forest injuries and protection
630*5 Measurements of trees. Tree growth, increment. Development and structure of stands
630*6 Forest management. Business economics of forestry
630*7 Marketing of forest products. Economics of forest transport and the wood industries
630*8 Forest products and their utilization
630*9 Forests and forestry from the national point of view. Forestry policy. Social economics of forestry
631 Agriculture
631.147 Biotechnic, ecological farming. Organic farming and farms
631.4 Pedology. Soil research
631.5 Agricultural operations
632 Plant damage, injuries. Plant diseases. Pests, organisms injuries to plants. Plant protection
633 Field crops and their production
634.1/.7 Fruit growing
634.8+663.2 Viticulture. Winemaking. Enology
635 Garden plants. Gardening
635.9 Decorative plants. Ornamental gardening
636 Animal husbandry and breeding in general. Breeding of domestic animals
636.09 Veterinary science
636.09:616 Diseases of domestic animals
636.1/.9 Domestic animals
636.6/.9 Small animals. Pats
636/637 Animal husbandry and breeding. Produce of domestic animals
637 Produce of domestic animals and game
638 Keeping, breeding and management of insects and other arthropods. Apiculture. Honeybee products
639 Hunting. Fishing. Fish breeding
639.34 Breeding of fish for ornament. Ornamental fish
64 Home economics. Housekeeping
640 Types of household. Hotel and catering industry
641 Food. Cooking. Dishes
654 Telecommunication and telecontrol (organization, services)
655 Graphic industry. Printing. Publishing. Book trade
655.1 Printing industry
655.4/.5 Publishing and bookselling
656 Transport and postal services. Traffic organization and control
656.052 Driving of vehicles. Navigation. Manoeuvres
656.1 Road transport. Road traffic
656.2 Rail transport. Rail traffic
656.6 Transport by water
656.7 Transport by air. Air traffic
656.8 Postal services and administration
656.835 Postage stamps. Philately
657 Accountancy
657.3 Budgets. Closure of accounts. Business records. Balances
657.4 Accounts. Charts of accounts. Cost accounting
657.6 Official examination and verification of accounts. Auditing
658 Business management, administration. Commercial organization
658.1 Forms of enterprise. Finances
658.14/.17 Financing. Level of capital. Business finance
658.152 Capital investment. Fixed assets. Use of funds
658.2 Instalations and plant. Premises. Buildings
658.3 Human relations in the enterprise. Personnel management
658.5 Production engineering and planning. Production management and control
658.562 Control of operation. Production supervision. Quality control and inspection
658.6 Commercial organization and practice. Goods. Services
658.6/.9 Commercial practice. Buying. Purchasing
658.7 Buying. Purchasing. Management with stock
658.8 Marketing. Sales. Selling. Distribution
659 Public relations. Publicity
659.1 Publicity. Advertising
659.2 Information. Informing. Information systems
659.2:004 Informatics
659.2:681.3 Informatics
659.3 Mass communication. Informing, enlightening of the public at large
659.3/.4 Informing, enlightening of the public al large. Public relation. Mass communication. Mass media
659.4 Public relations (PR)
66 Chemical technology. Chemical and related industries
66.02 Chemical processing operations and equipment in general
661 Chemicals
662 Explosives. Fuels
663 Industrial microbiology. Industrial mycology. Zymurgy, fermentation industry. Beverage industry. Stimulant industry
664 Production and perservation of solid foodstuffs
665 Oils. Fats. Waxes. Adhesives. Gums. Resins
665.5 Essentia oils. Perfumery. Cosmetics
665.6/.7 Processes and products of the petroleum and allied industries
666 Glass industry. Ceramics. Cement and concrete
667 Colour industry
669 Metallurgy
669.1 Ferrous metallurgy. Iron and steel
669.2/.8 Nonferrous metallurgy. Nonferrous metals
67/68 Various industries, trades and crafts
674 Timber and woodworking industry
675 Leather industry (includingfur and imitation leather)
676 Pulp, paper and board industry
677 Textile industry
678 Industries based on macromolecular materials. Rubber industry. Plastics industry
681 Precision mechanisms and instruments
681.3 Computers. Hardware. Automatic data processing
681.3.06 Computers. Software. (Programming (theory, languages, logic) see: 519.68)
681.324 Computer networks
681.5 Automatic control engineering. Smart technology
681.8 Technical acoustics (Musical instruments see: 780.6/.7)
684 Furniture and allied industry. Furniture manufacture. Upholstery
687 Clothing industry. Garment manufacture
69 Building trade. Building materials. Building practice and procedure
691 Building materials. Building components
692 Structural parts and elements of buildings
693 Masonry
694 Timber construction. Carpentry. Joinery
696 Equipment, services, installations in buildings (sanitary, gas, steam, electrical). Pipe fitter. Plumber. Metal worker. Drainlayer. Electrician. Other trades
697 Heating, ventilation and air conditioning of buildings
699.8 Protection of and in buildings. Thermal, sound insulation. Earthquake-resistant construction
7 The arts. Recreation. Entertainment. Sport
7(1/9) The arts in individual countries
7.01 Theory and philosophy of art. Principles of design, proportion, optical effect
7.02 Technique. Craftsmanship
7.025 Damage, deterioration, removal. Preservation, protection
7.03 Artistic periods and phases. Schools, styles, influences
7.036/.038 Modern art movements. Abstract art
7.04 Subjects for artistic representation. Iconography. Iconology. Decoration. Ornament
7.046 Religious art
7.05 Applications of art (in industry, trade, the home, everyday life). Industrial, commercial design etc.
7.07 Occupations and activities associated with the arts and entertainment
71 Physical planning. Regional, town and country planning. Landscapes, parks, gardens
71/72 Physical planning. Urbanism. Architecture
711.4 Town planning. Urban development. Built-up areas. Conurbations. Settlements
712 Planning of landscape (natural and designed)
719 Preservation of rural and urban amenities generally
719:502 Natural monuments
719:7 Cultural and historical monuments
72 Architecture
72(1/9) Architecture in individual countries
72.01 Theory and philosophy of architecture. Principles of design, proportion, optical effect
72.03 Periods and phases of architecture. Schools, styles, influences
72.04 Architectural details and finishes
72.05 Parts, spaces and rooms planned for specific uses
72.071 Architects
725 Public, civil, commercial, industrial buildings. Secular architecture
726 Religious, ecclesiastical architecture. Sacred and funerary buildings
727 Buildings for educational, scientific, cultural purposes
728 Domestic architecture. Housing. Residential buildings
728.8 Isolated large domestic buildings. Castles. Mansions. Manor houses
728.81 Castles. Mansions. Manor houses
73 Plastic arts, Craftsmanship
73/76 Fine arts
73/76(083.824) Exhibition catalogues of fine arts
730 Sculpture in general. Statuary
730(1/9) Sculpture in individual countries
730.03 Periods and phases of plastic arts
730.071 Sculptors
737 Numismatics
74 Drawing. Design. Applied arts and crafts
741.5 Caricature. Satirical and humorous drawings
744 Linear and geometric drawing. Technical drawing
745/749 Applied arts. Industrial and domestic arts and crafts. Decorative handicrafts
745/749(083.824) Exhibition catalogues of applied arts
746 Fancy work. Art needlework
747 Interior decoration
75 Painting
75(1/9) Painting in individual countries
75.03 Periods and phases of painting. Painting schools, styles, influences
75.071 Painters
76 Graphic arts. Graphics
766 Applied graphic arts. Commercial graphics
77 Photography and similar processes
77-051 Photographers
77.02 Photographic operations
77.03/.08 Kinds of photography and photograph
77.04 Artistic photography. Photographs according to subject
77.04(083.824) Exhibition catalogues of artistic photography
77.071 Photographers
778 Special applications and techniques of photography. Reprography. Micrography. Projection
778.5 Cinematography. Motion-picture photography
78 Music
78(1/9) Music in individual countries
78(497.4) Slovene music
78.01 Philosophy of music
78.03 Periods and phases in the history of musics. Musical schools, styles and influences
78.07 Occupations and activities associated with music
78.08 Musical forms
780.6/.7 Musical instrument in general. Other music accessories
780.8 Music for individual instruments
781 Theory of music
782 Dramatic music. Opera
782/785 Kinds of music
783 Church music. Sacred music. Religious music
784 Vocal music
784.4 Popular, traditional, historic songs. Folksongs
784.6 Community songs. Songs of particular social groups, occupations etc. Children's songs.
784.66 Community songs. Songs of particular social groups, occupations etc.
784.9 Singing technique. Vocal exercices. Singing practice. Including: Solfeggi, sol-fas
785 Instrumental music. Symphonic music. Chamber music. Band music. Jazz
786/789 Music for individual instruments (Musical instruments see: 780.6/.7)
78:37 Music education. Music (textbooks)
791 Cinema. Films (motion pictures)
791(1/9) Film in individual countries
791(497.4) Slovene film
791.2 Genre, subject, style of film
791.228 Film animation. Cartoons
791.229.2 Documentary films
791.3 Theory of cinema. Aesthetics of cinema. Film criticism
791.6 Film as industry. Production. Direction. Act
791.7/.8 Recreation grounds, playgrounds, circuses and other amusements
792 Theatre. Stagecraft. Dramatic performances
792(1/9) Theatre in individual countries
792(497.4) Slovene theatre
792.02 Theatrical technique. Direction. Act. Roles
792.02/.09 Theatre artists. Theatrical technique
792.07 Theatrical profession and associated occupations and activities
792.2/.9 Kinds of theatre
793.2/.8 Particular social recreations. Art of movement. Dance. Party games
793/794 Social entertainments. Dance. Board and table games
794.1/.9 Board and table games. Chess. Card games. Games of pure chance
796.01 Philosophy. Theory. Purpose. Methodology. Ethics. Aesthetics. Training. Kinesiology
796.02/.09 Technical matters. Sports movement. Tactics. Rules. Contests
796.07 Kind of participation in sport. Sportsmen
796.1/.2 Outdoor games and recreation. Children's games
796.3 Ball games
796.4 Gymnastics. Acrobatics. Athletics
796.5 Touring. Walking. Mountaineering. Hiking. Marching. Climbing. Camping
796.6/.7 Wheel sports. Cycling. Roller sports. Motoring. Motorcycling
796.8 Combat sports. Self-defence sports. Heavy athletics. Trials of strength
796.9 Winter sports. Ice games. Skiing. Sledging
796/799 Sport. Games. Physical exercises
797 Water sports. Aerial sports
798 Riding and driving. Horse and other animal sports
798/799 Horse sports. Hunting. Fishing. Shooting
799 Sport fishing. Sport hunting. Shooting and target sports
80 Philology (general)
801.6 Prosody: metre, rhythm, rhyme and verse pattern
801.7 Auxiliary sciences and studies of philology. Hermeneutics. Textual criticism
801.73 Hermeneutics. Textual criticism, interpretation, explanation. Recension. Exegesis
808 Rhetoric. The effective use of language. Creative writing
81 Linguistics and languages
81'1 General linguistics
81'22 General theory of signs in relation to linguistics. Semiology. Semiotics
81'23 Psycholinguistics. Psychology of language
81'24 Practical knowledge of languages (Textbooks see: under individual languages)
81'25 Theory of translation. Translation
81'27 Sociolinguistics. Usage of language
81'28 Dialectology. Geographical linguistics. Areal linguistics
81'32 Mathematical linguistics
81'33 Applied linguistics
81'34 Phonetics. Phonology
81'36 Grammar
81'373 Lexicology. Etymology. Word formation
81'374 Lexicography. Compilation and organization of dictionaries
81'38 Stylistics
81'42 Text linguistics. Discourse analysis
81-11 Schools and trends in linguistics
811 Languages
811.1 Indo-European languages, except Oriental (Oriental Indo-European languages see: 811.2/.3)
811.11 Germanic languages
811.111 English
811.111(075) English (textbooks)
811.112 German
811.112.2 German
811.112.2(075) German (textbooks)
811.124 Latin (Classical and Modern)
811.124+811.14 Classical languages
811.13 Romance languages
811.131.1 Italian
811.131.1(075) Italian (textbooks)
811.133.1 French
811.133.1(075) French (textbooks)
811.134.2 Spanish
811.134.2(075) Spanish (textbooks)
811.14 Greek (Classical and Modern)
811.16/.17 Slavic languages. Baltic languages
811.161 Russian. Other East Slavic languages
811.161.1(075) Russian (textbooks)
811.162 West Slavic languages
811.163 South Slavic languages
811.163.4 Serbian. Croatian
811.163.4(075) Serbian (textbooks). Croatian (textbooks)
811.163.41/.42 Serbo-Croatian
811.163.6 Slovene
811.163.6(075) Slovene (textbooks)
811.18 Albanian language
811.2/.3 Other Indo-European languages. Dead languages
811.21/.41 Other Indo-European languages. Oriental languages. Hamitic languages
811.4 Afro-Asiatic languages (Hebrew, Arabic)
811.51/.71 Asian languages. Finnish. Hungarian
811.8 American Indian languages
811.9 Artificial languages
81:1 Philosophy of linguistics
82 Literature
82.0 Theory, study and technique of literature
82.02 Literary schools, trends and movements
82.09 Literary criticism. Literary studies
821 Literatures of individual languages
821.0 World literature (studies)
821.09 World literature (studies)
821.1 Germanic literature
821.1.09 Germanic literature (studies)
821.1/.8 Literatures of individual nations
821.11 Germanic literature
821.11.09 Germanic literature (studies)
821.111 English literature
821.111(...) Other literatures in English - the Commonwealth, Canada, Australia (also studies)
821.111(73) American literature
821.111(73).09 American literature (studies)
821.111.09 English literature (studies)
821.112.2 German literature (also Austrian, Swiss, Yiddish)
821.112.2.09 German literature (studies)
821.124 Latin literature (also studies)
821.124+821.14 Classical literatures (also studies)
821.124.09 Latin literature (studies)
821.13 Romance literatures (also studies)
821.131.1 Italian literature
821.131.1.09 Italian literature (studies)
821.133.1 French literature
821.133.1.09 French literature (studies)
821.134(7/8) Latin American literatures
821.134(7/8).09 Latin American literatures (studies)
821.134.2 Spanish literature
821.134.2.09 Spanish literature (studies)
821.14 Greek literature (also studies)
821.14.09 Greek literature (studies)
821.16.09 Slavic literatures (studies)
821.16/.17 Slavic literatures. Baltic literatures
821.161.1 Russian literature
821.161.1.09 Russian literature (studies)
821.162.1 Polish literature (also studies)
821.162.3 Czech literature (also studies)
821.162.3/.4 Czech literature. Slovak literature
821.162.4 Slovak literature (also studies)
821.163 South Slavic literatures (also studies)
821.163.4 Serbian and Croatian literature
821.163.4(497.6) Serbian and Croatian literature in BiH (also studies)
821.163.4.09 Serbian and Croatian literature (studies)
821.163.41 Serbian literature (also studies)
821.163.42 Croatian literature (also studies)
821.163.6 Slovene literature
821.163.6(075) Slovene literature (textbooks)
821.163.6-93 Slovene juvenile literature (also studies)
821.163.6.09 Slovene literature (studies)
821.18 Albanian literature
821.2/.3 Oriental literatures (also studies)
821.21/.41 Oriental literatures. Semitic literatures (also studies)
821.4 Afro-Asiatic literatures (Hebrew, Arabic)
821.51/.71 Ural-Altaic literatures. Asiatic literatures (also studies)
821.511.141 Hungarian literature (also studies)
821.8 Literature of American indigenous languages (Amerindian literatures)
821.81/.82 American Indian literatures
821.81/.87 American Indian literatures (also studies)
82:111.852 Aesthetics of literature
902 Archaeology. Archaeological methods and techniques
902/904 Archaeology
903/904 Prehistory. Cultural remains of historical times
908 Area studies. Study of a locality
908(4) European countries, local history and geography
908(497.4) Slovenia, local history and geography
908(497.4a/ž) Slovenia, local history and geography of individual regions
908(5/9) Non-European countries, local history and geography
91 Geography. Exploration of the Earth and of individual countries. Travel
910.1 Science of geography. Methodology
910.4 Voyages of discovery. Including: Journeys. Travels. Expeditions
911 General geography. Science of geographical factors (systematic geography). Theoretical geography. Physical geography. Social geography
912 Non-literary, nontextual representations of a region. Maps. Atlases. Globes
913 Regional geography
913(4) Geography of Europa
913(497.4) Geography of Slovenia
913(497.4a/ž) Geography of individual regions in Slovenia
913(5/9) Geography of Non-European countries
929 Biographical and related studies. Personal and collective biographies
929(=163.6) Personal and collective biographies of Slovenes
929.5 Genealogy
929.6/.9 Heraldry. Nobility. Titles. Orders. Flags
93/94 History
930 Science of history. Historiogrphy. Philosophy of history
930.2 Methodology of history. Ancillary historical sciences. Diplomatics. Epigraphy
930.25 Archivistics. Archives
930.85 History of civilization. Cultural history
930.85(497.4) Cultural history of Slovenia
94(100) World history
94(100)".../04" Ancient history in general. History of ancient peoples
94(100)".../05" World history, ancient
94(100)"04/18" Medieval and modern history in general
94(100)"05/..." World history, medieval and modern
94(100)"19/20" World history of 20th and 21st century in general
94(100)"1914/1918" First World War, 1914-1919
94(100)"1939/1945" Second World War, 1939-1945
94(3) History of the ancient world
94(37) History of ancient Rome
94(38) History of ancient Greece
94(4) History of Europe
94(4)"0375/1492" European Middle Ages, ca. 375-1492
94(4)"1492/1914" Modern history of Europe, ca. 1492-1914
94(4)"19/20" History of Europe in 20th and 21st century
94(41/49) History of individual European countries
94(497.1) History of Yugoslavia (to 1991)
94(497.4) History of Slovenia
94(497.4a/ž) History of individual regions in Slovenia
94(5/9) History of Non-European countries
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