Library sign up - Univerza v Mariboru, Fakulteta za logistiko

All the data is mandatory.

Registration with a digital identity

Students that have a digital identity can register in their university's library online.

The registration includes the following MANDATORY steps:

1. Login with a digital identity

After clicking the ArnesAAI button and successfully identifying, the display shows the student data (name, surname, e-mail and the student card number).

2. Setting a password for the My library service

Enter the password for the My library service for the library, in which you are registering online.

3. Accepting the terms of use

After the registration is completed successfully, the display shows your data and the library membership card number, which can also be used for the My library service along with the student card number. The My COBISS Profile is also created during the registration.

You can continue to search the catalogue of libraries or register in the My COBISS Profile. If you select the option ArnesAAI for registering in the My COBISS Profile, the option My Libraries shows all libraries, where you are registered as a student.

If the registration was not successful, contact the library.

1. Login with a digital identity


You are not a student and you have no digital student identity? Use the registration form.

2. Set password for the My library service

You must log in with a digital identity before you can register in the library.