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Celotno besedilo
  • Simulacija in optimizacija vozliščnega izenačevanja virtualnih 3-D elementov za proste oblike strešnih konstrukcij
    Kulovec, Simon ; Kos, Leon, 1966- ; Duhovnik, Jože, 1948-
    In architectural design, freeform structures by definition represent an area of full creativity that does not limit the architect to the use of regular shapes. The building blocks of such structures ... are planar faces. The connection between the design intent and the fabrication still presents a challenge when creating a support structure that is geometrically viable and should possess certain aesthetic, fabricational, thermal and strength requirements. Our approach uses beams of constant height, providing a parallel offset mesh suitable for a constant distance between the top and bottom closure layers. A compensation of different edge heights is proposed with variable beam offsets. Quad-dominant meshes with conical properties require optimization of the beam offset in vertices to align all beams at approximately equal heights.
    Vrsta gradiva - prispevek na konferenci
    Leto - 2011
    Jezik - slovenski
    COBISS.SI-ID - 12019739