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  • Telemonitoring of elderly with hypertension and type 2 diabetes at the primary care level : protocol for a multicentric randomized controlled pilot study = Telemonitoring starejših bolnikov s hipertenzijo in sladkorno boleznijo tipa 2 na primarni ravni : protokol multicentrične randomizirane kontrolirane pilotne raziskave
    Mihevc, Matic ...
    Background: As of writing, there are no publications pertaining to the prediction of COVID-19-related outcomes and length of stay in patients from Slovene hospitals.Objectives: To evaluate the length ... of regular ward and ICU stays and assess the survival of COVID-19 patients to develop better prediction models to forecast hospital capacity and staffing demands in possible further pandemic peaks.Methods: In this retrospective, single-site study we analysed the length of stay and survival of all patients, hospitalized due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) at the peak of the second wave, between November 18th 2020 and January 27th 2021 at the University Clinic Golnik, Slovenia. Results: Out of 407 included patients, 59% were male. The median length of stay on regular wards was 7.5 (IQR 5–13) days, and the median ICU length of stay was 6 (IQR 4–11) days. Age, male sex, and ICU stay were significantly associated with a higher risk of death. The probability of dying in 21 days at the regular ward was 14.4% (95% CI [10.9–18%]) and at the ICU it was 43.6% (95% CI [19.3-51.8%]).Conclusion: The survival of COVID-19 is strongly affected by age, sex, and the fact that a patient had to be admitted to ICU, while the length of hospital bed occupancy is very similar across different demographic groups. Knowing the length of stay and admission rate to ICU is important for proper planning of resources during an epidemic.
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    Leto - 2022
    Jezik - angleški
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