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  • The post-pandemic library handbook
    Todaro, Julie Beth
    "The Post-Pandemic Library Handbook provides an approach for re-opening, re-engineering and redesigning library facilities, resources, services and staff. American Library Association Past-President ... Julie Todaro developed this Handbook to provide a path forward for all types and sizes of libraries. She uses narrative and technical writing (with dozens of checklists, examples, recommendations and 30+ tables) to take a detailed look at where we are and where we need to be. Because no function, resource or service was left unaffected by the pandemic, chapters and tables allow readers to assign their own timelines to stages. Handbook chapters include: Facilities: Services, Support, and Storage Spaces; Collections and Resources; Assessment and Accountability; Human Resources, Critical Training, and Education; Communication during Emergency Events; Management and Organizational Design: Unique Issues; Leadership during Extreme Emergencies: The Pandemic; Pitfalls, Problems, Mistakes, and Failures; Service Access and Delivery; and, Public Relations, Marketing, and Branding. Appendices feature tools for operational and strategic planning; an approach for prioritizing current and upcoming pandemic information; and an annotated list of 28+ resources tracked during the COVID years to assist in updating data for background and decision making."
    Vrsta gradiva - priročnik ; neleposlovje za odrasle
    Založništvo in izdelava - Lanham [etc.] : Rowman & Littlefield, cop. 2022
    Jezik - angleški
    ISBN - 978-1-5381-5374-1; 978-1-5381-5375-8
    COBISS.SI-ID - 132364291

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