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  • 3D cutting tool-wear monitoring in the process
    Čerče, Luka ; Pušavec, Franci ; Kopač, Janez, 1949-
    The tool-wear of cutting tools has a very strong impact on the product quality as well as efficiency of the machining processes. Therefore, it in-the process characterization is crucial. This paper ... presents an innovative and reliable direct measuring procedure for measuring spatial cutting tool-wear with usage of laser profile sensor. The technique provides possibility for determination of 3D wear profiles, as advantage to currently used 2D techniques. The influence of the orientation of measurement head on the accuracy and the amount of captured reliable data was examined and the optimal setup of the measuring system was defined. Further, a special clamping system was designed to mount the measurement device on the machine tool turret. To test the measurement system, tool-life experiment was performed. Additionally, a new tool-life criterion was developed, including spatial characteristics of the tool-wear. The results showed that novel tool-wear and tool-life diagnostic represent objective and robust estimator of the machining process. Additionally, such automation of tool-wear diagnostics on machine tool provides higher productivity and quality of the machining process.
    Vir: Journal of mechanical science and technology. - ISSN 1738-494X (Vol. 29, iss. 9, Sep. 2015, str. 3885-3895)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 2015
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 14193947