VSE knjižnice (vzajemna bibliografsko-kataložna baza podatkov COBIB.SI)
  • Measuring the impact of coloured oils on the human body and their potential in wellness and spa tourism
    Jere Jakulin, Tadeja
    The paper explores how colours can underpin critical research in people’s well-being and life. Following a brief introduction to the principles of colours and Colour Mirrors system, the paper ... elaborates on how the coloured oils and essences' principles can drive healing and well-being in a spa, wellness, and life. We used EMADEL (emission-absorption near-electric field detection of biofield) in the experiments. This method measures the organisms' response to near-field exposure markedly different from the expected behaviour. As the second method, we used Bio-resonance, where the researcher uses a device to analyse the person's electromagnetic waves and alter them before returning them to the body.
    Vir: International journal for quality research. - ISSN 1800-6450 (Vol. 17, no. 1, 2023, str. 243-254)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 2023
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 144120323