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  • Body surface mapping after partial left ventriculotomy
    Trobec, Roman ; Geršak, Borut ; Hren, Rok
    Objective: To demonstrate cardiac electrophysiological changes in patients where partial left ventriculotomy was performed and multichannel electrocardiographical measurements and body surface ... potential mapping were used. Methods: Body surface ECG signals were recorded during sinus rhythm for one minute. Six patients were operated on with partial left ventriculotomy were monitored. All patients had normal coronary angiography data. The data were acquired prior to the partial left ventriculotomy, and on the second, third, fourth, and fifth postoperative day using 32-body surface leads. The recorded data were analysed by determining ST-40 and QRS integral maps. The analysis was done on a set of selected beats during the sinus rhythm and on the averaged beats. Results: Before the operation, ST-40 maps typically showedan area of strong positive potentials (elevation) over the anterior aspect of the torso and a region of strong negative potentials (depression) over the lateral, and posterior aspects of the torso. After the operation, theST elevation over the anterior, lateral and posterior aspects of the torso was reduced. An area of marked positive potentials remained in the precordial area (overlying the excised area of the heart), even during the postoperative monitoring interval (day two through day five). v.e. also noticed that the amplitude of cardiac signals decreased by approximately 30% after the partial left ventriculotomy Qualitative map changes were substantiated by statistical parameters. Conclusions: Results of our study demonstrate that nonimžasive acquisition of body-surface electrocardiographs may detect changes in the cardiac activiy of patients undergoing partial left ventriculotomy. Tlus finding suggests that body surface mapping may also be useful in assessing thearrhythmia vulnerability.
    Vir: The heart surgery forum. - ISSN 1098-3511 (Letn. 5, št. 2, 2002, str. 187-192)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 2002
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 15043289

vir: The heart surgery forum. - ISSN 1098-3511 (Letn. 5, št. 2, 2002, str. 187-192)
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