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  • Odziv ustne sluznice na dentalne vsadke = Response of the oral mucosa to dental implants
    Mlinar, Alenka ; Ražem, Astrid
    Dental implants are surrounded by two structurally different types of oral mucous membrane: the masticatory mucosa and the lining mucosa. The aim of our study was to evaluate the soft tissue ... conditions at the site of an osseointegrated oral implant in relation to the width of masticatory mucosa. The study was conducted on 20 patients aged between 34 and 72 years who had received a total of 52 Branemark implants, providing support for a full-arch fixed bridge reconstruction, partial reconstruction, single tooth replacement or an overdenture. The examinations involved assessment of plaque, gingivitis,bleeding on probing, probing depth, width of masticatory mucosa andmarginal tissue mobility. Simple correlation analysis was performed to evaluate the relationships between the recorded parameters. The results showedthat masticatory mucosa was absent in 29 % of the sites and measured less than 2 mm in width in an additional 6 % of the sites. Marginal soft tissue mobility (lack of attached masticatory mucosa) was observed in 35 % of the sites. No major differences in the evaluated clinical parameters were found between the sites with an "adequate" width of masticatory mucosa and those without it. Correlation analysis revealed that the width of masticatory mucosa as well as marginal tissue mobility showed only a weak correlation (0.02-0.31 and 0.01-0.19, respectively) with the clinical variables used to describe the health condition of the soft tissue adjacent to the implants. Thehighest degree of correlation was found to exist between the width of masticatory mucosa and marginal tissue mobility (-0.70). The study has failed to provide support for the hypothesis that an adequate width of masticatory mucosa is necessary for the maintenance of healthy soft tissue around a dentalimplant.
    Vir: Zobozdravstveni vestnik. - ISSN 0044-4928 (Letn. 57, št. 3/4, 2002, str. 94-101)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 2002
    Jezik - slovenski
    COBISS.SI-ID - 15068121

vir: Zobozdravstveni vestnik. - ISSN 0044-4928 (Letn. 57, št. 3/4, 2002, str. 94-101)