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  • Operativno zdravljenje metastaz v hrbtenici = Surgical treatment of spinal metastasis
    Vengust, Rok, 1967- ...
    In last decade surgical treatment of spinal metastases improved significantly mainly because of improvement in diagnostics and surgical technique. Concerning surgical technique anterior approach with ... corpectomy and stabilization is used whenever type, location and life expectancy do not dictate it as inappropriate. from February 2003 till February 2005 18 patientswere operated for extradural spinal metastases. The primary tumour waslocated in lung in 6 cases and in breast in 5 case. There were 3 metastasesfrom kidney and two from prostate. Once a disease originated from intestinal and laryngeal carcinoma. Surgery was indicated because of neurological symptoms in 5 cases and because of pain in 3 cases. Other 10 patients were operated because of frank or incipient spinal instability. Segmental or partial segmental resection was performed in 6 cases and tumour debulking in 12 cases. Three weeks after surgery pain regressed on the bases of visual analogue scale from 7.4 (4-10), to 3.1 (1-7). Two out of five patients improved neurologically three weeks after surgery On the bases of ourlimited experience we conclude that segmental or partial segmental resection with stabilization should be performed in isolated breast or kidney metastases. In cases of lung metastases without neurological symptoms simple posterior decompression with stabilization provides acceptable morbidity with satisfactory result.
    Vrsta gradiva - prispevek na konferenci
    Leto - 2005
    Jezik - slovenski
    COBISS.SI-ID - 19432665