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  • Veno Taufer - življenje in delo
    Juvan, Marko, 1960-
    Veno Taufer - his life and work: The article is an encyclopaedically condensedsocial biography and analysis of the literary work of poet, dramatist, critic and translator Veno Taufer (b. 1933). It ... focuses on his activity in those cultural and literary groups which introduced modernism and postmodernism into Slovene culture and, simultaneously with their culturally political system, spread germs of democratic society (Revija 57, Oder 57, Perspektive, Problemi, Nova revija). This activity is reflected also in the structure of Taufer's literary texts.- Taufer's literary works are relatively hermetic expression of a paradoxical existence faced, on the ruins of metaphysics and historical eschatologies, with essence and nothingness: existence is aware of death, of its own cognitive limitation or plurality, andof the fragmentary nature of truths; therefore it is fragile, but at the same time languishing, even rebelliously bellicose. Taufer's poems and dramas are, as a critical exposure of existential authencity, a nihilistic demythologisation or humorous relativisation of the common ways of life, social and religious authorities, and of literary canon. They deconstruct the principles of traditional mimesis and confessionalism, problematising aesthetic completeness of literary works. Taufer replaces it by ironic selfreflection, depersonalisation, fragmentation, intertextuality, ascetism and minimalism, incoherence, ambiguity and semantic vagueness, montage, grotesque and profanation, paradoxical dramatic tension in composition, explosion of sound, experimentation with language and form, yet permeated with a discreet ideative and experiental presence of the author, and, in the latest stage, with reflexivity and idiosyncratic neosymbolism. Taufer's literature is a classic of Slovene modernism, with already some features of postmodernism.
    Vir: Jezik in slovstvo. - ISSN 0021-6933 (Let. 41, št. 6, maj 1995/96, str. 295-308)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 1996
    Jezik - slovenski
    COBISS.SI-ID - 2015074
vir: Jezik in slovstvo. - ISSN 0021-6933 (Let. 41, št. 6, maj 1995/96, str. 295-308)
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