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  • Security culture impact on security excellence in a company [Elektronski vir]
    Ambrož, Milan
    Awareness and behavior of organizational members is the outcome of the strong,completed and standards supported security culture. A major challenge for the current organization is to promote ... organizational members to take security responsibly. This paper examines the impact of security culture characteristics on the behavior of organizational members regarding security. My prediction was that the open purpose of the company and its reliability hada significant impact on collective actions regarding security. Additionally, appropriate security culture in a company is the real guarantee for the secure actions of employees. The results of my study support the hypothesis that security culture differentiates between different companies and increases positive behavior of employees towards the security excellence. However, I have found evidence that adaptability and involvement traits of thesecurity culture in our study do not significantly affect the excellence insecurity behaviour. I recommend that managers should require employees in the operational security problem solving and continuously and publicly expresscontemporary and predicted security threats. As a result, reliable preventative actions will come and support the excellence of a company and thequality of the life of all company stakeholders.
    Vrsta gradiva - e-članek
    Leto - 2012
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 2048025602