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  • Greening the World Trade Organization trading regime? : towards a structural power model
    Beukel, Erik
    The purpose of this article is to describe and elaborate the interplay between: (1) the governance of the World Trade Organization (WTO) regime, (2) green regime changes with a special consideration ... of the multilateral/unilateral character of the changes, and (3) the consequences for structural power in the global political economy. First, the review of the WTO trading regime is presented, emphasising especially regime components that bear on the trade/environment nexus. Then the consideration of country positions on the use of trade-restrictive environmental measures (TREMs) and the dynamics behind more unilateral positions is elaborated. Lastly, the author develops a structural power model of dynamics in the WTO regime to use as a starting point for evaluating economic-political changes when (or if) unilateral TREMs become a more prominent part of the global trade regime. The main question then becomes how high-income countries will use their dominant position in the global political economy, a position that will get even more dominant if unilateral TREMs are given a central role in the WTO regime.
    Vir: Journal of international relations and development. - ISSN 1408-6980 (Vol. 4, no. 2, Jun. 2001, str. 138-156, 187, 190)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 2001
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 20632925