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  • Tridimenzionalni računalniški model srca za simulacijo temperaturnih sprememb na človeškem srcu
    Trunk, Primož
    Developement of fast parallel computers has enabled us to study some of the biomedical processes with the help of computer simulations. Such studies can be cheaper, and are less dangerous to the ... patients. Many times, they are the only way to get insight into a particular biomedical problem. The aim of our work was to use the photographs of cross sections of the human heart to build a three-dimensional computer model of the heart and to simulate wit it the cooling and warming of the heart. We also wanted to compare the simulated temperatures to the temperatures measured on the animal model heart. For the development of three-dimensional computer model of the heart we used VHD photographs of human heart cross sections. To work with them, we used some of the commercial software packages and some of our programs. Temperatures on animal heart models were measured with specially designed temperature probes, which had to be calibrated first and temperature recording device. The simulation has been done on a cluster of 12 PC computers. Simulated temperature curves have similar course to the measured temperatures. They differ in the absolute values of measurements. These differences are mainly statistically significant. The described three-dimensional computer model is in the present form usable for simulations in certain intervals of measurements. With some of the further improvements, we can expect more accurate simulations.
    Vrsta gradiva - knjiga
    Založništvo in izdelava - Ljubljana : [P. Trunk], 1999
    Jezik - slovenski
    COBISS.SI-ID - 2096916

Knjižnica/institucija Kraj Akronim Za izposojo Druga zaloga
MF, Centralna medicinska knjižnica, Ljubljana Ljubljana CMK na dom 1 izv.
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