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  • A magyar nyelv muravidéki változata az új évezredben : az oktatás és a kutatás kontextusában = The Prekmurje variety of the Hungarian language in the new millennium : in the context of education and research
    Kolláth, Anna
    It is common knowledge that Hungarian language has a unique position in Central Europe: Due to the peace agreement of 1920 formally ending World War I it is present in eight neighbouring countries. ... In Hungary, which is the only complete centre, in the others it usually exists in the shadow of the state languages, respectively, under different social economic circumstances and in different statuses. The autochthonous ethnic Hungarian community of six thousand people in the Prekmurje region, Slovenia, the right of the community to use its language, the community (language) rights are enshrined in the Slovenian constitution at every level, Hungarian has the status of an official language (regional official language) at the residence of the territorial minority (an area with ethnically mixed population). The study presents the key elements of the language situation in the Prekmurje region, and does so by placing the issue in the context of public education as we firmly believe that learning the mother tongue and education in the mother tongue are essential for the survival of the language. It highlights the presence of this non-dominant variation (rudimentary centre) of the Hungarian language in schools, the levels of teaching Hungarian and its linguistic presence in teaching various subjects. It also touches upon the innovations that have significantly shaped the path of bilingual education.
    Vir: Magyar tudomány. - ISSN 0025-0325 (Évf. 181, sz. 2, 2020, str. 177-189)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del ; neleposlovje za odrasle
    Leto - 2020
    Jezik - madžarski
    COBISS.SI-ID - 25109256

vir: Magyar tudomány. - ISSN 0025-0325 (Évf. 181, sz. 2, 2020, str. 177-189)
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