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  • Interlaminarna endoskopska operacija hernije medvretenčne ploščice na nivoju L5S1 = Interlaminar endoscopic surgery for L5S1 disc herniation
    Vengust, Rok, 1967-
    Background. Microdiscectomy represents golden standard in dekompresive surgeryfor lumbar disc herniation with good or exellent results in 75 to 90 percents of cases. Due to substantial intraoperative ... tissue traumatisations after classic microdiscectomy several endoscopic methods have emerged. Patients and methods. A total of 17 patients with endoscopic interlaminar discdecompresion at L5S1were observed for 1 year. Results were assessed using VAS lumbar spine and leg mesurement together with Oswestry questionnaire pre, postop and one year after surgery. Results. There were no complications. All patients experienced substantial releif of leg pain postoperatively and at oneyear follow up (VAS pre op 4 to 10 av. 6,9, post op 0 to 4 av. 0.8 , one year postop 0 to 4 av. 0,6). One year postopratively 88 percent of patients had good or excellent result according to Oswestry questionnaire. One patient out of 17 experienced reherniation 5 months after index surgery. He was successfully treated with microdiscectomy. Conclusions. The technique presented is an adequate and safe alternative to conventional decomporessive procedures for lumbar disc herniations. Endoscopic interlaminar surgery has the advantages of a truly minimally invasive procedure.
    Vrsta gradiva - prispevek na konferenci
    Leto - 2009
    Jezik - slovenski
    COBISS.SI-ID - 25733081