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  • Steroid-transforming enzymes in fungi
    Kristan, Katja, 1975- ; Lanišnik-Rižner, Tea
    Fungal species are a very important source of many different enzymes, and the ability of fungi to transform steroids has been used for several decades in the production of compounds with a sterane ... skeleton. Here, we review the characterised and/or purified enzymes for steroid transformations, dividing them into two groups: (i) enzymes of the ergosterol biosynthetic pathway, including data for, e.g. ERG11 (14?-demethylase), ERG6 (C-24 methyltransferase), ERG5 (C-22 desaturase) and ERG4 (C-24 reductase); and (ii)the other steroid-transforming enzymes, including different hydroxylases (7?-, 11?-, 11?-, 14?-hydroxylase), oxidoreductases (5?-reductase, 3?-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/isomerase, 17?-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, C-1/C-2 dehydrogenase) and C-17-C-20 lyase. The substrate specificities of these enzymes, their cellular localisation, their association with protein super-families, and their potential applications are discussed. Highlights: Review of the characterised and/or purified enzymes for steroid transformations. ? Two groups: enzymes of the ergosterol biosynthetic pathway and the other steroid-transforming enzymes. ? Discussed the substrate specificities, cellular localisation, association with protein super-families and potential applications.
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 2012
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 28853465