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  • Sequential and compartmentalized action of Rabs, SNAREs, and MAL in the apical delivery of fusiform vesicles in urothelial umbrella cells
    Wankel, Bret ...
    Uroplakins (UPs) are major differentiation products of urothelial umbrella cells and play important roles in forming the permeability barrier and in the expansion/stabiliza - tion of the apical ... membrane. Further, UPIa serves as a uropathogenic Escherichia coli recep- tor. Although it is understood that UPs are delivered to the apical membrane via fusiform vesicles (FVs), the mechanisms that regulate this exocytic pathway remain poorly understood. Immunomicroscopy of normal and mutant mouse urothelia show that the UP-delivering FVs contained Rab8/11 and Rab27b/Slac2-a, which mediate apical transport along actin fila - ments. Subsequently a Rab27b/Slp2-a complex mediated FV-membrane anchorage before SNARE-mediated and MAL-facilitated apical fusion. We also show that keratin 20 (K20), which forms a chicken-wire network - 200 nm below the apical membrane and has hole sizes allowing FV passage, defines a subapical compartment containing FVs primed and strategi - cally located for fusion. Finally, we show that Rab8/11 and Rab27b function in the same pathway, Rab27b knockout leads to uroplakin and Slp2-a destabilization, and Rab27b works upstream from MAL. These data support a unifying model in which UP cargoes are targeted for apical insertion via sequential interactions with Rabs and their effectors, SNAREs and MAL, and in which K20 plays a key role in regulating vesicular trafficking
    Vir: Molecular biology of the cell. - ISSN 1059-1524 (Vol. 27, iss. 10, May 2016, str. 1621-1634)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 2016
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 33075417

vir: Molecular biology of the cell. - ISSN 1059-1524 (Vol. 27, iss. 10, May 2016, str. 1621-1634)
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