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  • Comparison of in vitro hormone activities of novel flame retardants TBB, TBPH and their metabolites TBBA and TBMEPH using reporter gene assays
    Klopčič, Ivana ...
    The anti-androgenic and anti-thyroid hormonal activities of the two novel brominated flame retardants, TBB and TBPH and of their metabolites TBBA and TBMEPH have been compared using the luciferase ... reporter gene assays. Only the parent compounds TBB and TBPH exhibited anti-glucocorticoid activity with IC50 values of 1.9 microM and 0.3 microM. Furthermore, mode of action for these two compounds is by direct competing to the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) with IC50 values of 0.03 microM and 0.002 microM. All four tested compounds possess anti-androgenic and anti-thyroid hormonal activities, without agonist activities on the respective receptors. Anti-androgenic activities with IC50 values of 43.5 microM, 0.1 microM, 47.5 microM and 1.3 microM were found for TBB, TBPH, TBBA and TBMEPH. The anti-thyroid hormonal IC50 values of 37.5 microM, 0.1 microM, 22.8 microM and 32.3 microM for TBB, TBPH, TBBA and TBMEPH, together with the above quoted results, indicate that metabolism can modify anti-androgenic, anti-glucocorticoid and anti-thyroid hormonal effects of these novel brominated flame retardants. Furthermore, the parent flame retardants are shown to be able to disrupt the function of the GR as antagonists by direct competition to the receptor.
    Vir: Chemosphere. - ISSN 0045-6535 (Vol. 160, Oct. 2016, str. 244-251)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 2016
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 4118897
vir: Chemosphere. - ISSN 0045-6535 (Vol. 160, Oct. 2016, str. 244-251)
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