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  • Change of dielectric properties as UF adhesive cure indicator
    Šernek, Milan ; Resnik, Jože, 1942-
    The research was focused on the determination of correlation between the degree of cure, press temperature and press time. The degree of cure of UF adhesive was determined indirectly by measuring ... dielectric properties of glue line. It was established that dielectric loss factor increased with increasing temperature. In cases when temperature is constant, dielectric properties depend mostly on polycondensation and water adsorption from glue line into the wood. When polycondensation is complete, dielectric properties of UF adhesive should be constant. This event happens earlier at higher press temperature than at lower press temperature. It was also found that at the temperature of 113 oC glue time was by half shorter than at 75 oC
    Vrsta gradiva - prispevek na konferenci
    Leto - 1999
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 478601