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  • Zn-BTC: the NMR study
    Čendak, Tomaž, 1982- ...
    Solid-state NMR was used for studying the thermal stability of porous zinc benzene 1,3,5-tricarboxylate (Zn-BTC) metal organic framework. The material was crystallized from the gel with molar ratios ... of reactants Zn(ac)2H20 : BTC : 93.8 H20 : 72.4 EtOH after solvothermal treatment at 448 K for 1 day in Teflon-lined autoclaves. Zn-BTC samples were then heated to different temperatures in a flow of nitrogen and their NMR spectra were compared to the spectra of the as-synthesized sample. Studies confirmed the thermal stability of Zn-BTC up to 200 °C. For temperatures up to 200 °C structural changes of Zn-BTC framework are almost fully reversible if sample is allowed to rehydrate. If heated above 200 °C the Zn-BTC framework irreversibly collapses.
    Vrsta gradiva - prispevek na konferenci
    Leto - 2011
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 4821018