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  • The effectiveness of investment incentives : the Slovenian FDI co-financing grant scheme
    Burger, Anže, 1979- ; Jaklič, Andreja ; Rojec, Matija, 1953-
    This article analyses the effectiveness of the main instrument of Slovenian FDI policy, the ʼFDI Co-financing Grant Schemeʼ. We look at the post-grant performance of foreign subsidiaries that ... received grants in 2000-09 using a double-track approach: calculation of performance premia of subsidised foreign subsidiaries, based on financial statements data, as suggested by Bernard and Jensen, and a questionnaire survey to tackle those qualitative aspects of subsidiariesʼ operations which are used in the official evaluation of grant applications. Subsidised foreign subsidiaries on average show better performance than comparable local companies and better qualitative characteristics than non-subsidised foreign subsidiaries. The main objectives of the scheme, creation of new capacity and jobs in export-oriented activities, have been achieved. The quality of this quantitative increase is more of a question; the data do not indicate any real breakthroughs in technological intensity, human resource development or productivity. In terms of technology and skills subsidised FDI projects remain more or less on the level of average Slovenian firms.
    Vir: Post-communist economies. - ISSN 1463-1377 (Vol. 24, no. 3, Sep. 2012, str. 383-401)
    Vrsta gradiva - članek, sestavni del
    Leto - 2012
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 512355196

vir: Post-communist economies. - ISSN 1463-1377 (Vol. 24, no. 3, Sep. 2012, str. 383-401)
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