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  • Interdisciplinary approach to project based learning [Elektronski vir] : experience through student workshops
    Foški, Mojca ; Mrak, Gašper, urbanizem, 1976- ; Zavodnik Lamovšek, Alma
    In this article we wish to describe the experience of using interdisciplinary studying approach to project based learning (PBL) within the framework of the master study program in Spatial Planning ... which is run at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering. The article is intended mostly for the purposes and objectives of interdisciplinary study in PBL, how we can use it and perform it in study processes, what are the expected results and obstacles which come across in the process. Student workshops are the most appropriate forms of such learning approach, which means cooperation among educational institutions and local communities. The purpose of this article is to discuss the key elements of interdisciplinary approach to PBL from the theoretical perspective and then show its significance and practical application in the higher education study process. The aim of the analysis of student workshops, which were held as part of various courses in the field of spatial planning over the past 15 years, is to show advantages and disadvantages of interdisciplinary approach to PBL for teachers, students as well as for the collaborating local communities. To gain insight into the actual opinion on student workshops of the local communities we created an anonymous on-line questionnaire. The results show a high satisfaction rate of the local communities with the student workshops and with the results regarding the local spatial development challenges in the area of the municipality involved. In the conclusion, the importance of interdisciplinary approach to PBL is expressed as teaching and learning method to link theoretical and practical knowledge. Moreover, the local communities are also aware that the student workshops are mostly a form of learning process % they are very supportive of it, and have high hopes for future in-depth cooperation with educational institutions.
    Vrsta gradiva - prispevek na konferenci ; neleposlovje za odrasle
    Leto - 2017
    Jezik - angleški
    COBISS.SI-ID - 8131169