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  • Gender Perspectives in Mediation [Elektronski izvor]
    Arsić, Jelena, 1977- = Арсић, Јелена, 1977- ; Petrušić, Nevena, 1958- = Петрушић, Невена, 1958-
    People’s lives are accompanied by conflicts as an inseparable part of interpersonal relationships. Although often considered with a negative connotation, conflicts also have progressive potential, ... and its use will depend on the method of conflict resolution. This possibility is provided by mediation as an amiable method of dispute settlement. Experience shows that the dynamics, communication, and behaviour of the parties are influenced by many factors among which the cultural and gender-natured differences in behavioral patterns of men and women are of special importance. Based on their mediation-conducting knowledge and experience, the authors advocate for increasing the gender responsiveness of mediation and emphasize the need for consideration of gender dimensions of conflicts and its impact on the mediation process. Particular attention is given to the importance of performing gender-sensitive conflict analysis, the need for addressing gender-based power imbalance and the prevention of harmful influences of gender stereotypes and prejudices on the quality of mediation process and its possible outcomes. Gender dimensions of the mediability of mixed-gender conflicts as well as challenges of mediation in cases related to gender-based violence are also explored.
    Врста грађе - е-чланак
    Година - 2023
    Језик - енглески
    COBISS.SR-ID - 111197449



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