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  • Investigations of corrosion on the surface of titanium substrate caused by combined alkaline and heat treatment
    Jokanović, Vukoman, 1949- = Јокановић, Вукоман, 1949- ...
    In this research, the structure changes along the depth of gradient layers of titanium substrate, after etching with NaOH and subsequent thermal treatment at various temperatures between 300 and 800 ... °C, were investigated by XRD, FTIR and AES. Particularly, the changes of Ti substrate after etching with NaOH, subsequent ionic exchange of Na+ with Ca2+ ions and thermal treatment at 700 °C were analysed. Due to this approach, it was possible to get insight into the chemical changes and changes of Ti oxidation states and consequent phase analysis, along the depth of the titanium oxide coatings. In addition, Secondary Electron Imaging (SEI) showed very interesting nanotopology of all samples. Particularly interesting topology, consisting of very thin nano-designed walls between mutually interconnected pores, was observed for the sample in which Na+ were replaced with Ca2+ ions. This structure might be suitable for deposition of hydroxyapatite by biomimetic or plasma methods and as an appropriate scaffold for cell adhesion and proliferation.
    Извор: Corrosion science. - ISSN 1879-0496 (Vol. 82, 2014, 180-190 str.)
    Врста грађе - е-чланак ; одрасли, озбиљна (није лепа књиж.)
    Година - 2014
    Језик - енглески
    COBISS.SR-ID - 17537814