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  • Muslim minority-state relations : violence, integration, and policy
    "By bringing together diverse case studies from Europe, Africa, and Asia, much can be learnt from different contexts where Muslim-state relations vary greatly according to: new, established, ... marginalized, or conflict-ridden communities; communities being constructively redefined or excluded; and between states that govern Muslim minority groups consistently according to the rule of law and states that are unable to govern effectively or persist in their toleration of cynical policies and public discourses, security-centric decision making or arbitrary legal ploys. The aim is to learn more about what drives government policy on Muslim minority communities, Muslim community policies and responses in turn, and where common ground lies in building religious tolerance, greater community cohesion and enhancing Muslim community-state relations. "--
    Врста грађе - књига
    Издавање и производња - Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
    Језик - енглески
    ISBN - 978-1-137-53148-3
    COBISS.SR-ID - 258206220

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