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  • On possibilities to encode artistic style and manner present in a concrete artwork using micro- photogrammetry and mathematical statistics/probability to process their geometric determinants
    Đorđević, Đorđe, 1966- = Ђорђевић, Ђорђе, 1966- ...
    This paper defines a procedural approach intended to scientifically encode artistic style and manner exhibited in a concrete artwork - based on quantifying their descriptors of geometric nature ... previously professionally identified as subject-related due to their dominant presence and/or their value-wise importance. Such encoding is a specific authentication process whose purpose is to define an ID-card of a concrete artwork or an artistʹs overall creative epoch the analysed works belong to. Doing so, it also becomes feasible to scientifically determine the fact whether and with which level of probability ("threshold"), a particular artwork of an initially unknown artist, is possible to be classified in the opus of a presumed artist i.e. of her/his corresponding creative epoch. To explain the procedure as comprehensively as possible, only one geometric-wise descriptor of artistic style and manner is analysed: "thickness of the painting-layer" - as their dominant indicator present on the chosen experimental painting. This quantifying is realized in a two-step activity which is carried out: (i) by using contemporary micro-photogrammetric technique and related equipment (to digitize the artwork, namely, to acquire and extract the mentioned descriptor), and (ii) by performing relevant statistical management that includes probability calculation, analysis and estimation of cross-referenced previously digitized data. Goal-directed Id- card is constituted by a set of those calculated outputs.
    Извор: Book of Abstracts (Str. 67-69.)
    Врста грађе - излагање на конференцији
    Година - 2020
    Језик - енглески
    COBISS.SR-ID - 26527241