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  • Zánik hrdinu v románe "Plný ponor" od Vítazoslava Hronca
    Šimáková-Speváková, Marína, 1978- = Шимакова-Спевакова, Марина, 1978-
    The novel Deep Immersion by Vićazoslav Hronjec represents the end of the Lutrov family saga, the final word on the dissapearance of the central figure, Vladimir Lutrov, storyteller, author, ... character. His central position as initiator and builder of his family's imaginary world was ironically mocked in the previous story-cycle Lord of Air and the King's Son. Deep Immersion is a testimony on the last moments of life in this world, an overview of imaginary decomposition and final disappearance. Objects and characters that he created told his life story on their own. What remains is the world of the novel, in all elements of epic structure a memento of his lifelong work.
    Извор: Zbornik radova [Elektronski izvor]. Knj. 2 (Str. 1150-1157)
    Врста грађе - излагање на конференцији
    Година - 2013
    Језик - словачки
    COBISS.SR-ID - 520226660